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Short Synopsis

The Calamity Girl – The Promotion is  a Chick Lit – Women’s Fiction Mystery Romance that was completed during the NaNoWriMo 2009 Challenge.  It has a 63,314 word count, 312 pages and twenty-one chapters ready for your consideration.  I would like to seek representation for St.  Martin’s Press or anyone who is currently looking for Adult Chick Lit – Women’s Fiction – Romance – Mystery – Manuscripts.  My style of writing is like Sophie Kinsella’s –Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Rachel Tornquist  is a beautiful, single, woman, in her twenties who has issues in her personal and work life. In a comical string of events we find out that Rachel is always having bad luck. The nickname “The Calamity Girl” was created by Lori Winters, a doctor who  has known Rachel since she was a child. Lori proves what friendship is all about in this funny story about a woman dealing with her problems, getting a job promotion and finding love.

Rachel Tornquist lives in Canada in the city of Toronto and she likes working at a place called GDS – Global Data Services. She is excited about giving her first presentation based on her “ideas” book.  We soon learn that she has constant frustrations to deal with while trying to get to work or trying to get something to eat.  Through a series of mishaps she meets the dashing, handsome Michael Thompson who she envisions is her knight in shining armor.

Rachel finally makes it to work, only to find out that she is being investigated by the company for fraud.  Her boss Julie Cartland and secretary Colleen Richards have been stealing her ideas and presenting them as their own.  During the course of the office investigation it is discovered that these two women have been embezzling money from the company and were planning to pin it all on Rachel.

The video footage from a six month investigation clears Rachel’s name, and reveals who the true idea girl is.  David, the CEO of Global Data Services, has Colleen and Julie arrested.   Julie Cartland tries to gets her revenge by giving Jim Winders a juicy story full of lies to be published in the Gossip Tabloids Paper to discredit Rachel’s reputation and get her in trouble with the GDS – Share holders.  Rachel is told she has to solve this problem and deal with the negative press at the same time.

Rachel’s true identity starts to unravel, her secret life is revealed to Michael as he watches  her in action.  Rachel is really a billionaire, upon her fathers death, she inherited the Gossip Tabloids and the staff finally finds out who she really is. When Rachel attends a luncheon with David and Bryson she finds out that Michael Thompson has a few secrets too!  Not only is he Michael Ferraras a Movie Producer, he also is one of the main shareholders for  Global Data Services and recommends that she be named the Chief of Operations, while the company lays off fifty percent of its workforce and tries to untangle itself from several issues that we find out during the story.  Not only does Rachel solve each problem, she finds romance with Michael while joining him on holiday at his ranch in Arizona.

Love blossoms between the two and Rachel, who has a commitment phobia, balks at Michael’s marriage proposal and flat out refuses to even consider marrying him. Michael is crushed and walks away from Rachel.

When Rachel visits her estranged Sister Melissa in New York City, she is shocked to find out that Melissa is Julie Cartland’s half sister due to an affair between their Mother and Drew Cartland (Julie’s father a prominent but evil, lawyer ).  Rachel finds out that some of her  family, friends and coworkers have all been helping the Cartland’s in their quest for revenge.

Rachel discovers why they are out to get her, but then starts having trouble trusting anyone around her. One by one  those closest to her are found to be disloyal and she has to pick up the pieces of her life, deal with the issues at Global Data Services and  the Gossip Tabloids Paper and decide what course of action she will take to defend herself where Julie, Drew and Melissa are concerned.

Rachel provides a front page story to Gossip Tabloids about Drew Cartland’s affairs, her Sister Melissa’s story and  the accusations made against her and the charges against– Julie and Colleen at Global Data Services.

Rachel and Michael’s friendship is tested when Melissa gets her revenge on Rachel by posting naked pictures of Rachel and Michael on the internet and feeding a story to  Gossip Tabloids supposedly written by Rachel about her sordid affair with the “famous” movie producer. Michael is furious and Rachel is heartbroken as she realizes that she actually is in love with Michael but has blown her chances of ever being with him again.

In the end, David who is Michael’s brother, helps to bring the two back together again and the story ends with Rachel and Michael heading out to his new ranch, where a new adventure awaits them in California.

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