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The Calamity Girl – The Promotion

I have written and completed a manuscript that is a mysterious, romantic, comedy.   Rachel Tornquist is a fictional character who is a writer and blogger. She is beautiful, single and in her late twenties, and she lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It is a story of a woman who is in a company that is downsizing and she fears that she will lose her job.  Instead, Rachel gets a job promotion.  Her new Executive job is in marketing and sales because of her idea book.  Problems arise when Gossip Tabloids Editor Jim Winders finds out about a secret that could ruin Rachel’s reputation and the company that she works for – Global Data Services. She has to stop the story from going to press or have her entire life destroyed.

Where life, love and work are concerned, Rachel is constantly plagued with bad luck.  That is why her friend Lori Winters nicknamed her “The Calamity Girl.”  Rachel is afraid to commit to any kind of relationship with a man.  One day this changes when Rachel meets her knight in shining armour.  A man named Michael Ferraras, a movie producer, and one of her blog readers.  Michael has fallen in love with “The Calamity Girl – Writer Rachel Tornquist.”  He has been an avid follower of her blog for the past two years.  Michael invites Rachel along during a holiday to get to know her and to convince her that she needs to give love another chance…

In 63,362 words, we follow Rachel within a short period where her life changes drastically.  Rachel explores several cities during her travels.  We learn about various shopping centers, restaurants, and menus in Tucson Arizona, New York City, Los Angeles California and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Rachel is left wondering if her close circle of friends can be trusted as she finds clues showing that each of them has something to hide…

I am a writer and blogger on The Idea Girl Says, Idea Girl Consulting, Word Press and Blogger, Witty Woman, The St Catharines Standard, The Idea Girl on Twitter, Idea Girl on Helium and Linda Randall – Squidoo.  I have made over 77 websites for educational help, cooking, music, art, celebrities, movie stars, entertainment, and Paranormal Activity in the Niagara Region.  I have had a million visitors to my Idea Girl Consulting Word Press Entertainment Site within a 10-month period.  My daily blogs have an average of over 2,000 visitors.  I am currently working on two different types of novels.  The other genre is The Munroe Series a Historical Romance, Mystery, Paranormal Fictional tale about several families travelling to Place Royale, Quebec Canada in 1907 from London, England.

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