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Full Synopsis

Idea Girl Consulting
The Calamity Girl – The Promotion
6 Page Synopsis,  2,582 word count
Linda Randall


Chapter One

Rachel Tornquist is wondering what to write about on her blog “The Calamity Girl.”  We learn that Rachel works at GDS – Global Data Services as a writer and things are uncomfortable with her boss David Radford.  Rachel describes how beautiful she is, yet she cannot seem to get a date.  She talks about missing her father who died three years ago.  She decides to write about several things; an alien spaceship story, a creepy looking dude that looks like Howard Stern on a bad hair day, and her imaginations concerning a pair of little “Genie in the bottle” curly toe shoes.  She tells her readers it all happened while at the Flea Market the other day…

Chapter Two

Rachel has a mystery to solve at work.  There is a strange relationship between Julie Cartland and Colleen Richards.  The other mystery is that Colleen carries a new green shopping bag every day.  She never shops, yet when she goes home at night, something is in that bag.  Rachel finds out from her coworker Bryson that something strange is going on at work, and it concern her, Julie Cartland and Colleen Richards. Rachel tries to investigate at work.  She gets locked in for the night.  She gets up in the morning, works all day and then she assumes her troubles are over.  They are only just beginning.  She has a mishap with a shoe and a handsome mysterious stranger comes to her aid, buys her dinner, and makes a lasting impression on her.

Chapter Three

Rachel dreams about Michael being a knight.  We find out that she is called the calamity girl because of her bad luck.  Rachel introduces her co-workers, David, Julie, Colleen, and Bryson into the story.

Chapter Four

Rachel is supposed to give her first sales and marketing presentation that morning.  Rachel cannot get to work on time, traffic is snarled by construction, and someone jumped in the subway so it is down.  Michael comes to the rescue with a helicopter and she gets to work on time.  David arrives with her and it starts the office gossip mill.  Everyone assumes that Rachel is having an affair with David.

Chapter Five

Rachel’s day at the office is full of surprises.  She is promoted as head of operations; the CEO David is stepping down due to an internal investigation.  Bryson Barrett defends Rachel by requesting an investigation after Julie Cartland try to lay charges against Rachel for fraud and embezzlement.  A six-month full office video investigation reveals that Julie and Colleen are the ones committing the crime and that they stole Rachel’s ideas and passed them off as their own.  David has Colleen and Julie arrested.  Rachel finds out that David and Bryson have a crush on her and inform them both that she will never date them.  Rachel accepts Michael’s invitation to his ranch for a holiday.

Chapter Six

Rachel is shocked when Michael joins her meeting with David and Bryson.  She learns that he is an investor in their company and he is David’s brother.  She also learns that Michael’s real last name is Ferraras and that he is a famous movie producer.  Through a series of events, we learn that Tom Elston is her personal assistant.  Rachel secretly owns Gossip Tabloids, which she inherited upon her father’s death, and the editor Jim Winders plans to run a story about Rachel and Global Data Services, which was provided, to him by his lover Julie Cartland.  Michael goes with Rachel to the Gossip Tabloids building.  She shuts down the paper, has a confrontation with Jim, reveals that she is the owner of the place, and fires all the employees because of their loyalty to Jim.

Chapter Seven

Rachel goes back to work, gives her presentation to David, Michael, Bryson and the remaining employees.  David reveals more news about Julie, Colleen, and Jim Winders (her editor).  They stole several million dollars in retirement and bonus funds from the company.  Rachel’s presentation is about government funding, co-op work programs with students and ideas to expand the company and save money.  David talks about the company’s plans in two months time, and Rachel and Bryson’s promotions.  Rachel asks Tom to book their flight to Hawaii.  She intends to sell Gossip Tabloids to Roy Saunders.

Chapter Eight

Rachel and Tom go to Hawaii; they have a one-night stand.  Rachel meets with Roy and finds out that Tom has been leaking personal information about her to a girl named Tania Bowen, who is a friend of Julie Cartlands.  We learn that Rachel’s Mother’s name is Joy and her Sister is Melissa.  Roy tells Rachel that Julie’s Father Drew Cartland is a bad attorney (he accepts payoffs from crooks).  Rachel is shocked to learn that Michael tipped Roy off about Tom.  Roy reveals Tom looking at Rachel’s computer files from a security camera in her hotel room.  Roy’s goons remove Tom from the hotel and take him to an undisclosed location.  Rachel begs Roy not to kill Tom; instead, she asks that he live on a Tropical Island where there is no means of communication for him.  Her wish is granted.  Rachel rents a two-bedroom villa on the island and moves her things out of the hotel room.  She calls her friend Lori Winters and begs her longtime friend to come to Hawaii.  Lori, a doctor, reveals that she knows Michael and David through their father when he was on his deathbed at the hospital.  Lori has a crush on David Radford.

Chapter Nine

Lori and Rachel discuss Julie using Rachel’s friends to get information.  Lori has filed for a divorce with her husband Todd Winters.  Rachel and Lori happen to share the same lawyer — Frank Thornton.  Lori reveals that Frank is away so he has no idea of the sale of the property that was supposedly drawn up and signed by him earlier that day.  Lori reveals that Missy, Julie’s daughter is working for Frank.  Roy hires a detective to investigate Drew Cartland and has pictures of him with prostitutes.  The detective has been having an affair with Missy.  Roy plans to blackmail them both to help Rachel.  Lori and Rachel meet Chip and Dale in Hawaii.  After a night of drinking and partying, they have an orgy on the beach.

Chapter Ten

Rachel and Lori fly home early the next morning to Toronto.  Rachel decides that she might resign from her job, but she will wait until after her holiday with Michael.  Rachel calls her Sister Melissa Farnsworth and decides to go visit her in New York City for a few days.  Rachel books a flight with her travel agent Sandy.  Sandy Tucker finds out that Tom has been fired.  She mentions that her daughter is looking for a job.  Rachel offers to look at Sandy’s Daughter Clarice Tucker’s resume when she gets back.  Rachel’s flight is delayed; she meets up with Michael at the airport.  They both fly in a private plane to New York City.  Rachel takes a cab to Greenwich Village where her sister lives and Michael heads over to The Plaza Hotel.

Chapter Eleven

Rachel finds out that her Sister Melissa is the result of an affair between their Mother Joy and Julie’s Father Drew Cartland.  Both parties ended up divorcing.  Now Rachel knows why Julie is out for revenge.  Rachel inherited her father’s billion-dollar fortune when he died.  He left Melissa out of the will.  When she was thirteen, he referred to Melissa as “a bastard’s daughter,” and never considered her as his own.  She never forgave him and from that, time on the two of them never had any sort of relationship.

Chapter Twelve

Rachel and Melissa discuss everything that has happened, and Rachel begins to think that Melissa is working with Julie.  She decides to surprise the three of them with a story of her own; she re-hires Jim, Mac and the crew that evening and has them print a story about it in Gossip Tabloids for the next day!

Chapter Thirteen

Rachel and Melissa have a fun day of shopping and Melissa confesses that she was working with Drew and Julie to get revenge on Rachel while they are having dinner.  Rachel leaves to use a pay phone to call Michael.  When she comes back Melissa has discovered the News story that Rachel has been hiding from her all day, she is furious and tells Rachel to leave her apt that evening.  Rachel goes to the Plaza Hotel, has a drink, bumps into Michael who comforts her and they have their first slow dance together.  Then she goes to bed alone for the night.

Chapter Fourteen

Jake Ferris, Michael’s pilot flies Rachel and Michael to Niner Way Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.  They get to know each other very well and share many stories with one another.  Michael also plans to work on his screenplay and suggests that Rachel enjoy the local sites by herself.

Chapter Fifteen

Rachel gets comfortable with Michael.  She tours the ranch then does a Google Search.  She suggests different types of activities to do in Tucson, Arizona.  Michael takes Rachel to the local shopping malls; they go line dancing, and skinny-dipping that evening.  They discover a sexual attraction that keeps them busy for the rest of the week.  They visit more malls, hike up Mt Lemmon and their relationship develops during the week at the ranch. (Each place they visit is described down to the types of meals served at each restaurant)

Chapter Sixteen

Rachel sends a postcard and an email letting Lori know that she is okay.  Rachel and Michael visit some more sights and the week at the ranch is over.  Michael has become very attached to her.  He invites her to join him for another week.  This time it is in California.  They fly there with Jake and stay at the Hilton Hotel, by Universal Studios.  Rachel agrees to be Michael’s girlfriend and wonders if what she feels in her heart is love?  The closer they get during the week the more uncomfortable Rachel is about her feelings for Michael.  It all comes to a head when Michael proposes marriage and Rachel turns him down flat immediately.  She argues that she enjoys being single, free and independent.  Michael is shocked and crushed.

Chapter Seventeen

Michael is upset that Rachel refuses to commit to him, she decides to end the affair and the relationship with him, and she does not have time for it now.  They fly back to Toronto and she says goodbye to Michael and hopes that they can be friends.

Chapter Eighteen

Rachel looks at Clarice Tuckers Resume and books an interview with her over the phone.  Lori tells Rachel about the naked pictures of her and Michael on the front page of Gossip Tabloids!  Rachel finds out that Melissa printed the story up about her seducing Michael and dumping him.  Michael gets nasty with Rachel, who in turns sues Julie, Drew, and Melissa for defamation of character.  Rachel contacts Pierre Cardone (Melissa live-in boyfriend) who is upset about the scandal and promises to dump Melissa.  Rachel also finds naked pictures of her and Michael on the internet and has them removed by threatening to sue the sites.  Rachel decides she wants to buy a new condominium, and that Clarice can live in her old apt until the lease expires.  She grabs boxes and starts packing up her things.

Chapter Nineteen

Rachel hires Clarice as her personal assistant, they look at a penthouse suite in Lakeview Terrace, and Rachel buys it.  Clarice mentions that her friend Esther has just graduated from University and that she is an interior designer, Rachel agrees to see her the next day.  Michael sends a fax of congratulations saying he misses her.  Rachel goes home, calls Michael and he comes over for some single, no strings attached good-bye sex.  Rachel finds out that Michael is Clarice’s dinner date for the next evening.  He is interviewing her for some Public Relations work.  Rachel feels a twinge of jealousy.  Michael tells Rachel to call if she wants her boy toy again but he cannot guarantee that he will not find someone else in the meantime.  He leaves and Rachel feels like she has been stabbed in the heart with a knife.

Chapter Twenty

Rachel tells Michael not to use Clarice against her or she will be fired.  Esther decorates the new penthouse suite and Rachel moves in and has a house warming party there two weeks later.  Michael shows up at the party.  He sees two specially made paintings.  One if of his Niner Way Ranch and the other is a celebration of their time together in California.  He informs Rachel that he is heading back to California to shoot a movie at Universal Studios.  He seems uncomfortable and rushes to leave her place.  Rachel introduces Esther at her party and informs everyone that she is investing in a new business called “Esther’s Interior Designs.”  Esther is surprised to learn about it, and will be doing other designs in the condominiums at Lakeview Terrace thanks to Rachel.  After the party, Rachel sits down and realizes that she has decorated her home just like Michael’s Niner Way Ranch in Arizona.  Lori tells her to stop denying her love for Michael.  Rachel says she is not quitting Global Data Services just yet, she has one more mystery to solve, and she guesses that it has something to do with the shareholders funds.  Roy helps her with the investigation, informs her that Julie is out of jail after giving testimony about Colleen.

Chapter Twenty-One

Frank, who is Rachel’s lawyer, settles her case for several million dollars out of court with Drew, Julie, and Melissa.  Roy tells Rachel that Drew, Julie, and Melissa are moving to Switzerland but Roy has had a detective in contact with Julie this whole time.  He has recovered the missing shareholders funds from a Swiss Bank Account.  Rachel meets up with David and tells him what has happened.  She gives him his job back and resigns from GDS – Global Data Services.  She signs a deal for a ten percent commission on the sales of all her ideas with Global Data Services.  Rachel tells David that Lori likes him and gives him her phone number after finding out that David likes Lori as well.  She tells Jim that she is leaving town and going to be a journalist and travel.  She will be sending encrypted emails from now on.  Then David talks to her about Michael’s feelings for her.  Rachel tells David that she wants Michael because she loves him.  However, she ran away when he proposed to her, it was all too fast.  She would have rather dated him, but he never gave her the opportunity to do so.  Michael appears in the office, with tears in his eyes asks if she meant what she had just said.  Rachel answers yes and tells Michael that she wants to come to California to be with him.  They leave and Jake is flying them to California.  Michael tells Rachel he has a new ranch in Cote de Caza, California.  Lori calls Rachel, excited that David has invited her on a date to a wedding.  Rachel talks about her next adventures in California, and the book ends with the Rachel and Michael kissing madly in the back seat of a Porsche while Jake drives them to the new Cote de Caza Ranch.

The End

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