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Chapter 2

The Calamity Girl – The Promotion

Monday morning my alarm goes off at 7 am and the last thing I want to do is roll out of bed. At least it’s nice and sunny outside and clear skies.  I throw on my track pants and sports bra and start doing my yoga stretches on my living room floor.

It felt great to loosen all the kinks out of my neck and back. My new pillow was still too fluffy for me to sleep on. I always manage to wake up with my pillow on top of my head instead of under it.  I’ve been tossing and turning around a lot in my sleep. Scary people are chasing me in my dreams.

Last weekend was brutal trying to get everything together for my presentation later this week.  It was cool working with Bryson Barrett.  We have become good friends at work, but I still won’t let him into my personal life. He loves to gossip too much.  I avoid being a part of the gossip mill as much as possible.  When Bryson started to tell me about Julie Cartland and his suspicions about her the alarm bells went off in my head.

Tonight I would take some time to investigate.  It seemed so reckless of Julie to be so secretive and yet, I could see that she was struggling to keep her position with the company.  I often wondered how she became my manager within a short two month period.  Some say it’s because of her affair with David Radford. I beg to differ.  Why would David promote her when he could have put Colleen Richards in the position instead?

I remember the day when we all sat around in the meeting room.  Colleen was expecting the big promotion, a raise, money to send her kids to a private school.  I was surprised at how calm, cool and collected she acted.  Inside I could see her seething with anger, envy and hatred towards Julie.  Was it all an act, for my benefit?  I was watching her closely.

I finished my workout.  After enjoying a nice hot shower, I slip into my white blouse, black A-line skirt and sheer pantyhose.  I was admiring myself in the mirror.

My three inch heels complimented my slender muscular legs.  I now stood at 5ft10. Oh how I wished that I was that height.  I could be a model or a movie star. Who was I kidding?  I couldn’t even get on America’s Next Top Model because of my 5ft7 height.  And then I start a new position here at work and Tyra Banks decides to do a show with shorter models.  Life just wasn’t fair!

I drove several blocks to work and parked the car on a street nearby. Unfortunately they were doing construction on my indoor parking garage so I was out of luck for a few weeks.  I hobbled along precariously in my new shoes.  Carefully watching where I was going every step of the way.  The shoes were quite comfortable.  They were worth one-hundred and fifty dollars. I paid for them on my Visa card.  I wasn’t too happy with my bill this month.  It seems that I’ve taken to overspending lately on my lunch hours.  I discovered the underground shopping mall by work and that has been getting me into trouble.

I grabbed a coffee and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a lovely lavender blouse.  I really didn’t have anything to match it. So I bought the black pleated skirt that was on sale for a hundred dollars. After all it would look smashing with my new Guess lavender purse.

Then I thought about my lingerie.  There was a beautiful lace bra and panties hanging in the window.  They would match the purse too. I might as well buy a whole new outfit. One never knows when they could be invited out for a dinner date.  I gathered my bags and headed towards the elevator.

There was Colleen with that ever famous crisp looking green shopping bag tucked under her arm.  What was she carrying in it at the end of each day?  I’ve never seen her shop?  Slowly things are clicking in my mind.  I’m putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I walk by Colleen’s desk and notice that it is spotless and clean.  It’s like she’s wiping it with a cloth to remove her fingerprints.  Maybe she’s a clean fanatic.

Suddenly I hear Colleen say, “By the way Rachel, your office is ready.  They moved your things back into it last night.”

I thanked her and walked away.  I wonder if she had seen me staring at her desk.  I had this odd feeling that someone was watching me from somewhere. I shook off my suspicions.  The last thing I need to be is paranoid.  The company is offering me the opportunity to present my ideas to them. No one can see me sweat. I have to keep my fears to myself.

I place my parcels into my new cupboard. I love the smell of oak wood. The interior decorators had done a wonderful job of painting the walls a nice hue of pink.  I still didn’t know why they had to bring exterminators in though.  Something about fruit flies and bugs being in the office, little red beetles were flying around but I figured they were living in the plants.  They didn’t bother me at all.

I love nature. In fact many times I would watch as the little beetle would flutter onto my shoulder.  I called my little friend Hermie.  I would chat to him off and on when my office door was closed.  It was a way for me to come up with ideas to put in my ideas book.  Hermie was very understanding. He always listened and then he would fly away.

I wondered if Hermie was exterminated too. I hoped not, I would be sad without my little friend. I hooked up my laptop to the printer and started working on my presentation.  I wanted everything to be ready before the big day. Time passed quickly.  I went for lunch down in the cafeteria and enjoyed a Caesar salad with chicken in it.  Some orange juice and a bowl of plain yogurt with mixed fruit.  The market place was always making fresh items everyday. Their pasta and soups are amazing. I was happy, my presentation was ready.  I printed up my master copy then headed over to the photocopier.

That was when I noticed that Colleen was writing in a business ledger.  She was frowning at the figures inside of it.  I watched as she placed it carefully into a hidden compartment in her desk.  Then she pulled out a second ledger, from her desk drawer.  Now that struck me as odd.  I knew she usually only had one ledger for the past two years.  Why was she writing in a second one and putting it into the secret drawer?

Another mystery was going to plague me.  I waited till the end of the day.  Everyone left and Colleen headed into Julie’s office.  Playing investigator I was hiding around the corner.  I could hear them loud and clear.  Colleen was arguing about a new client and something about a fifty percent cut?  Colleen doesn’t get any commissions, nor does Julie.

What are they talking about? I watch as Colleen storms out of the office. I notice that she is carrying her green bag with something in it. Julie is pacing in her office then she makes a phone call. I see her get on the elevator and I wait.

I have no idea how long I’ve been standing there and my legs have a cramp in them.  Stupid me, I took my watch off and left it in my office.  It has an alarm on it and I didn’t want to give myself away.  I figured it was past six o’clock.  My stomach was rumbling like a trooper.

I head over to Colleen’s desk.  She always keeps the keys tucked away in the top drawer.  Tonight it is locked. Darn!  I go over to Julie’s office to see if there is anything there.  I see the name Jim Winders scribbled on a notepad and my heart goes cold with fear.

What does Julie have to do with Jim?  He is the Senior Editor for Gossip Tabloids.  What bit of gossip could she possibly have?  Usually they ran pieces on celebrities.  The odd time they would run a story on a business. But that was only if there was a scandal.  Was David, our CEO in trouble?  He was looking pretty stressed out today.

I avoided him as much as possible.  He was in a bad mood and I didn’t want him taking it out on me.  I noticed him talking to Julie earlier.  He was quite agitated.  I went to his office.  There was nothing on his desk. He did have a comfortable leather couch.  I sat down on it for a moment feeling the soft leather on my finger tips. I should buy myself a new leather couch when I move.

My dream was to own my own penthouse suite along the lakeshore.  Lori, my best friend, often spoke of a place that was building new residential units.  I wondered if it was completed yet.

I couldn’t resist feeling the nice red blanket that was folded neatly in the corner.  One of David’s friends returned from Mexico. They bought it for him as a souvenir.  It wasn’t very soft.  A beautifully weaved blanket. It felt like it had wool in it or something. Suddenly I heard a noise and I darted behind the door.  A door slammed and then the lights went out.

Oh my god, no!  I stumbled over to my office, grabbed my purse, jacket and watch and headed towards the elevator.  I pressed the button and nothing happened.  I looked at the time.  It was seven o’clock.  The elevators were locked for the night.  I headed towards the emergency stairs.  The door was locked.  Great!  I hope we don’t have a fire.

I was panicking, now what do I do?  I went back to my office and opened up my laptop.  The wireless network is down for maintenance.  Of course it is!  Bad luck strikes again!  I place my parcels back into my office and grab my emergency flashlight from out of my purse.  I walk over to the kitchen. I’m lucky.

David must have had an executive meeting today.  There’s milk, tea bags, sugar cubes, fresh fruit, left over veggies and dip.  I quickly boil the kettle and make a cup of tea. I sit and munch on a tuna eggplant sandwich.  Then a thought crosses my mind.  I better shut off my cell phone to save power. I finish eating, clean up my dishes and head to my office. I turn off my cell phone, open my curtains and look at the moonlit view of Lake Ontario.  The harbor is all lit up with hundreds of lights.  I almost wish I could go for a walk down there.  I will sometime soon.

I find some of the magazine’s I’ve been meaning to read. I pull my office chair close to the window.  The moonlight is bright. I strain my eyes to read the first paragraph.  My mind wanders.  What mystery lies in Colleen’s desk?  What is in that compartment? I’d give anything to know what’s going on around here. An hour passes and my head and neck are aching.  It’s been a long and tiring day.

I put my things away and head over to David’s office.  I grab his blanket, take my shoes off and lay down on his leather couch. I set the alarm on my watch for six am and then I fall fast asleep.  I wake up to the sounds of a vacuum cleaner. It is 5:30 in the morning.

Startled, I look up and a short European woman is standing there staring at me. She is saying something to the other woman.  I apologize and tell her I was working on my presentation and lost track of the time.  I was locked in.  She nodded and I realized she didn’t speak or understand English.  She smiled as I folded up the blanket and humbly walked over to my office.  I grabbed my purse and parcels and rushed to the elevator. I would go grab a coffee and change into the new clothes I bought the day before.  Thank god for shopping habits!

I enjoyed a nice breakfast down in the café below.  It has been ages since I’ve treated myself to scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, jam and tea.  Usually I eat cereal and juice with a cup of coffee.  So far my day was proving to be okay.  Colleen noticed that my hair was a bit messy and offered me a comb.  I accepted it gratefully. Thankful that I have short hair; I used some water to straighten it out.

Colleen did comment on me being to work earlier then normal and I just smiled and told her I was busy working on a project.  She didn’t seem to pry.  That was odd. Colleen always wanted to know what was going on in everyone’s life.  She was the core of all gossip in the office. I made it clear a long time ago that I would never be interested in anything she had to say.

Today wasn’t any different.  Colleen was in the mood for a good gossip.  She waited till I went back to my office. Then she started whispering to the girl in the booth next to her.  Both of them were looking my way.  It was bugging me but what could I do about it?  Maybe I looked like I had slept there all night.  My makeup was smeared and I was stiff and sore from sleeping half on and half off the couch.  Leather is quite slippery.  I remember groggily picking myself up off the floor several times. I move around a lot in my sleep.

I must have slipped off the couch a few times during the night.  Feeling worse for wear I went and bought myself a chocolate bar.  I needed a sugar high to get me through this day.

I was looking forward to this evening though.  My day went quickly with no mishaps.  Soon it was five thirty and I was ready to leave. I grabbed all my things and headed down the elevator. It was a relief to walk through the front door of our office building.

I stood outside of work in a daze. I slowly came back to reality aware of the people passing by me at lightning speed. I started walking out the door and out onto the street. Crazy thoughts were passing through my mind. It was like I was entering the Twilight Zone or something.

I look at my watch. It is 5:45 pm and I am supposed to be at Lori Winters place for 6:00 o’clock.  Lori promised to make me a mouth watering home cooked meal. She knows that my favorite dish is cabbage rolls and perogies with butter, bacon and onions. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Lori is a beautiful petite blonde with curves in all the right places. She has big blue eyes and beautiful long eyelashes. I met Lori Winters in grade school and we have been friends ever since. I confide in her whenever possible. She is wise, witty and fun to be with.

She is a Doctor who works in the ER room at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. She is a girl who has stuck by my side through thick and thin. I fear she will be ticked off at me for being late again. I am always late; I swear I was born with lead feet. It takes me forever to walk from one place to another.

I groaned at the amount of heavy traffic there was as I walked down the street. There was no way that I would make it to Lori’s place in time. Driving would not be an option.

Toronto traffic was always bumper to bumper. Sometimes I wondered why I even bothered to have a car, the subway was quicker. Now maybe that was the answer to my problem.

Looking at my watch it was now 6:00 p.m. I made a quick phone call, “Hi Lori, Its Rachel.  I am going to be late.  I’ll try to get there as fast as I can, sorry.”

I hung up frustrated about leaving her a voice message.  I made my way down the stairs into the subway. Stood in line for about fifteen minutes and finally got a ticket. I tried to ask the cashier about which train to take to Lori’s place but I couldn’t understand his thick accent.

I pulled out the train schedule. It was quite wrinkled from being shoved around in my big purse. I looked over the map of the city and eventually got on the North train.  I kept my fingers crossed, wishing that nothing more would happen. I got off the subway and started walking; it should be just around this corner.  It was dark out.  Things always look different in the dark.

It didn’t help that the row of townhouses all looked the same, now what was Lori’s address again? I never really paid attention to street names, I usually look for landmarks and nothing looked familiar here.

I pulled out my cell phone and looked up her address, I groaned, I wasn’t even on the right street. Figures! I walked the wrong way, so I backtracked and headed in the other direction.

It was 6:45 pm when I knocked on her door.  There was no answer. Maybe she was in the washroom.  I will just wait a bit and try again.

Bored, I sent a text message to my friend Tom, “What’s up?”

Tom texts back, “Pizza, wings and a movie.”

I grin and text back, “New Chickie?”

Tom texts back, “Yeah, met at the Phoenix last night.”

I text back, “And she’s still there?”

Tom texts back, “I have the day off, I’m horny.”

I laugh and text back, “Eat the wings after you play – don’t want to burn those lips!”

Tom texts back, “Already played all night long taking a break now.”

I text back, “Too much info dude, congrats.  Talk to you later.”

I am jealous. Tom my nerdy friend can get laid and me?  My bed has been vacant for six months now.  It was not that I never got any offers; it is because the guys were always nothing but players where one-night-stands were their specialty.  I was looking for a consistent lover.  You know a friend with benefits.

Only I wanted them to be monogamous with me, if that makes any sense. I do not have time for a boyfriend or a relationship now.  I am looking for a no strings attached kind of guy that is not big on sleeping around.  I am beginning to think they do not exist.  I can be a faithful lover.  Why can’t a guy do the same?

I look at my watch it’s 6:55 pm. I knock on Lori’s door again; still no answer.  I phone the house number and get her answering machine.  Maybe she’s making me wait at the door. I wouldn’t blame her I’d do the same for a joke. I look up at the windows and realize there are no lights on in the apt. Oh great she is not even home. I am famished by now so I start walking back to the subway and wait fifteen minutes for the next train.

I ride back to where I started in the first place.  I look at the clock on the wall it is now 7:45 pm. My stomach is rumbling and I notice a cute little café down the street.  I walk into the place and I take a seat near the front door. While I am sitting there I glance at the art work on the walls and read the various postings behind the cash register.

The waitress starts walking towards my table. She doesn’t look very happy. In fact she looks very annoyed. She’s a young pretty blonde, and very perky, almost too perky. She looks familiar to me.

The waitress says in a high pitch musical voice, “Welcome to Taters. What can I get cha?”

I look at her for a minute waiting for her to produce a menu. She stands there looking at me with those big brown eyes. Like a deer standing transfixed before a speeding car; I was the speeding car and my temper was getting ready to blow. I know I was feeling kind of bitchy by now. Things were starting to get to me.

I sigh to myself, exasperated I say, “I need a menu.”

She smiles back, “Would you like the lunch menu or dinner menu?”

I really cannot believe my ears.  The thought of “dumb blonde” passes through my mind.

I ask, “What’s on special?”

That should throw the doe eyed deer for a loop.

The Waitress asks, “Do you want to know our lunch specials or our dinner specials?”

I look at the time it is now 7:55 pm.

I ask, “What time are you open till?”

She says, “Were always open.”

I say, “Great, I’m hungry, I’ve had a rough day and I need something that won’t take long to make; How about a sandwich menu?”

The waitress says, “We don’t serve sandwiches after 6pm.”

I said, “Oh, alright, then how about fries with gravy?”

The waitress says, “Our deep fryer is broken.”

I ask, “What kind of salads do you have?”

The waitress says, “We’ve run out of lettuce.”

I look around.  The restaurant is completely empty. I notice that two other waiters and a cook are sitting down at the back of the restaurant. On the table was a deck of cards.  It was obvious they were playing euchre. They were waiting for the waitress to return to the table. It must have been her turn. So that’s why she was annoyed with me.

Now I was beyond mad.

I got up and yelled, “You know you don’t deserve to have this job; farting around with a customer just so you can get back to a game of cards.  Where is the manager?”

She says, “I am the manager.”

I sputter, “Well now you’re going to lose a hundred customers.”

I walk towards the door and the waitress mockingly says, “Your only one person, not a hundred.”

I turned around and sweetly say to her, “Now it will be hundreds after I write a review about your crappy customer service in our paper the Gossip Tabloids, good day Monica.”

She blanched and sputtered as I walked out the door.

It always pays to read the Liquor Permits on the wall.  She is probably wondering how I knew her name.  I remember doing a piece on her last year.  When she talked about opening up her first café, she had been a bitch to me back then too.

I was kind in that article, this time I would not be so kind. I was fuming inside, ready to blow at any moment.  I spotted a Gourmet Pizzeria across the street. My feet were killing me. What a day so far, everything was going wrong. What else was new? I always had days like these.  It was about to get worse.

Suddenly my right high heeled shoe got caught in the subway grate that was on the sidewalk.  As the trains went by, the air would lift up my skirt. I tried to pull it down then I bent down and tried to wiggle out my shoe from the steel grate. It just would not budge.

I am flustered and angry by now. I am ready to scream. I realize that my skirt which is already short is now riding up around my hips. My granny underwear with pink flowers is in full view as they peek out from underneath my skirt.

A cheeky male voice says, “Nice view.”

I flush red with embarrassment. I turn around and give the stranger a dirty look. He bends down and wiggles out the shoe from the grate.

He stands up and looks at my shoe for a minute then says, “I believe it’s ruined, sorry about your shoe.”

I snap inside and grab the shoe from him.

I yell, “I’ll decide on that!”

His look of surprise and hurt didn’t fizz me one bit.  I was a maniac now, desperate for food. I hobbled across the street towards a pizzeria with only my left high heeled shoe on. I tried to be dignified.  By this time, I was close to tears and absolutely starving.

I found a seat near the door. There was no one around.  I could hear my stomach growling even louder. It was getting embarrassing. It was around ten minutes later when a cute, dark haired Italian boy spotted me sitting there.  I think he had been working in the back. That’s probably why he didn’t notice me right away.

He walked quickly over to the table, with a worried expression on his face and said, “I’m sorry miss, but were closed.  The oven’s not working properly and we have to get it fixed. I’m sorry the door must have been left open by accident.”

I bit my tongue while trying to control my temper.

I gritted through my teeth, “I am not surprised!”

I smiled meekly as I hobbled out the door. My stomach was cramping up now. It wanted food and so did I. I felt like a hungry lion and my mood wasn’t getting any better.

I looked up in surprise. The tall, dark, handsome man that rescued my shoe was standing there grinning at me.

I snarled, “What is so funny?”

He grinned and said, “The Grand Hotel is open.  They have a buffet over there.”

I nodded stiffly and he pulled out a box and said, “Here, wear these.”

I stopped, shocked, “How did you?”

He nodded at the shoe store next door and said, “I noticed the size when I gave you your shoe back.”

I did not know what to say other then, “How much do I owe you?”

He said, “Nothing, allow me to be a Good Samaritan.  I do not get to save beautiful women in distress very often.  Would you care to join me for dinner? It would be my treat.  I can see you had a rough day, I know that you’re hungry, please just say yes.  I’m here from out of town and I could use the company.”

I cocked my head and looked him straight in the eye, “What about your wife?”

He did not flinch, “I’m single. I don’t have time to date, let alone get married.”

I say, “I hope you’re telling me the truth.”

He smiles and says, “I am – Miss Rachel Tornquist, I am an avid reader of your blogs.”

He started to walk towards the Grand Hotel.  I stood there shocked for a moment then I slowly followed him. I was beginning to realize that this man was enjoying his dramatic moment by shocking me every chance he got.

As we sat down in the dining room, my cell phone beeped. I thought it was Tom so I quickly checked my cell phone and it said, “1 missed call.”

I looked at the number it was Lori!

I muttered, “Now she calls!”

He looked at me and said, “Feel free to call her back, its okay I’ll wait.”

I said, “I’ll just be a minute.”

I walked out to the hall and listened to Lori’s message, “Hi Rachel, I just got your message.  I left you a voice mail on your home phone yesterday. I have to work late tonight. We have to reschedule our dinner.  I thought you would have gotten my message?  Where were you last night?  I tried calling you several times but no answer, is everything okay? Call me with the juicy details this weekend.

I will be staying at work for the next few days.  One of the Doctors called in sick. The poor bastard has swine flu.  I’m lucky I didn’t get it. I have to take over for him until they find a replacement at the hospital.  I am probably working double shifts all week. I can use the overtime though.  Sorry, that you did not get this message sooner.  I’ll talk to you on Saturday. Love you sissy boo, bye now.”

I used my cell phone options and found out that I was on the train when Lori called.  The dam subway blocked my cell phone signal. I walked back into the dining room. He was still waiting patiently for me to join him for dinner. What a nice guy, I thought to myself. I apologized.

He asked if everything was okay and I said, “Now it is.”

He asked, “Do you want a drink?  I can order you one from the bar.”

I noticed the pop machine along the buffet and decided I deserved a drink, “I’ll take a fruity flavored martini, what do you suggest?”

By this time the waiter had arrived.

The waiter looked at me; a sexy guy with dark hair, dark blue eyes, tanned face, and a killer body.

I just about melted when the waiter said, “sex on the beach is a fruity drink.”

I stared at him and smiled, “That is definitely what I need.”

The waiter flashed his pearly white teeth at me.  Then he turned to my handsome companion and asked in a sexy sultry voice, “And you handsome what can I give you?”

My jaw dropped as my companions face flushed red. Both of us knew right then and there that our waiter was very gay.

He ordered a scotch on the rocks.

The waiter left and I giggled, “You know my name.  What is yours?”

He looked surprised for a moment, almost flustered.

He said, “My name is Michael… ah Michael Thompson.”

I looked at him wondering why he had paused when saying his last name. I bet he’s from out of town; it’s probably a false name. Guys who are married always do that. I’ll bet he is married, the jerk. I’m hungry though, so I’ll have a bite to eat then deal with him later.

Why did he look so familiar to me; I could not place him so I flippantly asked, “Have we every met before Michael?”

Michael said, “Not to my knowledge.  Shall we go see what is in this buffet?  The food is great here.”

I said, “How do you know?”

He grinned, “I’ve eaten here many times before.”

I got up and went straight to the Prime Rib, mashed potatoes and carrots, added some gravy and Yorkshire pudding then I went and sat down.  I was just about to get up again when he placed a small dish of horseradish beside my plate. I looked up at him and smiled.

He smiled back and said, “I figured you forgot to grab it, in your haste to eat.  I will bet your starving. You look like a hungry lioness ready to devour anything.

I grinned, “Sorry about snapping at you earlier. I’ve had a really rough day. Which is no excuse, please accept my apologies.  You seem to know me too well. It’s a far cry from my usual supper time. Thanks for sharing your dinner hour with me.  Do you usually eat this late?”

Michael mumbled, “Usually I work long hours.  My dinner times are varied.”

Our waiter came back with our drinks. Michael tried not to choke when the waiter tried to give him his number. I was trying not to laugh too loudly. Poor Michael, he must get hit on a lot. Being attractive and fit as he was, I was suddenly enjoying myself very much.

I finished eating my plate of food in record time and went over to the fruit and salad section.

I love Caesar salad with bacon and parmesan cheese. I had some fresh pineapple, strawberries, grapes, and a few pieces of watermelon.  Nice and sweet just the way I like it.

I said to Michael, “I can’t believe I never discovered this place.  I am definitely going to write a good review on this one.  Their food is fabulous and this restaurant is amazing.”

He said, “I’m glad that you like it.”

I had finished my salad and decided I had to try their cherry cheesecake.  “MMM, it’s like whipped cream usually the cheese is kind of thick.”

Michael said, “They have a French chef here – he is very talented and uses his own secret recipes.”

I said, “Have you spoken to him directly?”

Michael smiled, “only once or twice.  I have hired him to cater for several events.  We had our moments when discussing a menu.”

I said, “Really, you organize many charity events?”

Michael nodded no. I wondered why he was being so evasive but did not want to pry.  I had a sense that this man just wants some privacy in his life and I did not want to intrude. We finished eating and it was ten thirty now. By this time, I was trying hard not to yawn.

Michael looked at me and said, “I see that sleeping beauty needs her rest, Shall I call you a cab?”

I smiled at him, “Michael you’ve done so much already, thanks, but I can drive home.  Perhaps you’d like to walk me to my car?”

Michael said, “Meet me at the door; I’ll just take care of the bill first.”

I sat there waiting for him. I flinched when I happened to look at the menu outside the door. Seventy-five dollars for the buffet and that was not even covering our drinks.  I did the math.  Michael had spent about two-hundred dollars on a total stranger. I was impressed and wondered why I never met someone like him before?  I would probably never see him again.

It was obvious that he was from out of town, probably staying at the hotel. I wondered if he was going to make a move on me.  He did not seem the type, although earlier he had commented on my ass sticking out in front of him.  Michael escorted me out the door and we walked down the street and around the corner.

When we came to my car, I turned and said, “Thanks for everything.  Sorry I snapped on you earlier.  My evening got kind of messed up, but you made it better.”

Then I turned and got into the car.  I waved goodbye, and pulled away.  I watched him cross the street and head back towards the hotel.

My knight in shining armor was gone…

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