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Chapter 9

The Calamity Girl – The Promotion

I woke up feeling pretty tired on Saturday.  I was exhausted from tossing and turning in bed all night.

Lori looked at me and said, “You look like hell!”

I said, “Thanks at least you had a good nights sleep.”

She grinned, “I had some good dreams about Doctor Norton.”

I said, “Yeah we need to talk about that.”

She said, “Rachel, please don’t rain on my love parade.  I know it is too soon, but seriously, it has been awhile since I was laid.  So I figured what the hell!”

I said, “It’s not that.  I hope you didn’t say too much about me.”

Lori laughed then became quiet for a minute, “It’s odd you should say that.  He was interested in knowing whom I spent most of my time with.  I told him with my friend Rachel.  Then he asked where.  I thought it was strange at the time.”

I groaned, “Listen Lori – – Julie is out to get me.  She intends to end my career and she will do anything to get to me, including using you.  She already did it to David, Bryson, Mac, and Jim.

She has created a nightmare for me.  She even tried to frame me with embezzlement charges and get me arrested for something she did.  It was only by chance that they discovered what she was planning to do.  Who knows what else she is planning?

The woman is relentless in her vicious badger way to get revenge on me.  She was having an affair with David, and then he dumped her and came after me.

I do not know if David can be trusted and I worry that Michael might have ulterior motives too.  I have agreed to help run the company for a year and if it fails, I am to take the fall.

I am beginning to wonder what the fall is.  It cannot be for what Julie and Colleen have been up to, so it must be something else.  I agreed to do it.  I was so full of myself, call it pride, I felt invincible until I found out Tom, my best friend, was the enemy in disguise.

How could I have been so blind?  I allowed him to seduce me; I have never done that before?  What is happening to me?  Overnight I have become a weakling and last night I had nightmares about my father.  He is very displeased about me selling the paper.  You think he’d be okay with me selling it to Roy, his best friend?”

Lori smiled, “Jasmine always told us in yoga class to trust our gut instincts, follow your intuition, and listen to your body.  Maybe now isn’t the best time to sell?”

I said, “I verbally agreed to sell the paper to Roy.  I cannot go back on my word.  He even sent the legal documents to my lawyer who said everything seems to be in order.”

Lori thought for a moment then asked, “Did Roy actually speak to Frank Thornton, or his secretary?”

I said, “Why?”

Lori had a serious expression on her face, “I filed for divorce, and Mr. Thornton has a new secretary named Missy.  She mentioned that her mother worked with you.  She had the legal documents on her desk.

She also said Mr. Thornton would be out of town for a few weeks, so how could he have looked over your papers?  I think you need to pay Mr. Thornton a surprise visit.”

Startled I said, “Julie has a daughter named Missy, and I’ll bet Mr. Thornton doesn’t even know that I intend to sell Gossip Tabloids.  Can you call his office and see if he’s in?”

Lori said, “Sure, just give me a minute.”

Lori made the call and found out Mr. Thornton was still away on holiday.

Lori said, “Missy said that he’s in Hawaii in Waikiki.”

I was shocked, “My god I think Mr. Thornton’s here and he knows Roy.  Do you think they are conspiring with Julie as well?  God it gets worse every day and I do not know whom I can trust now.  What if Michael is a part of Julie’s ploy to bring me down.  What am I going to do?”

Lori looked at me and quietly said, “You’ll have to learn to tune into your gut instincts, follow them no matter what happens, and know I’ll always be there for you every step of the way. Now call Roy and tell him that you had something unexpected happen and you will have to delay the selling of the paper.  Then we’ll take a trip to Waikiki and find Mr. Thornton.”

I said, “How are we going to do that?”

Lori said, “Leave that to me, I’ll make a quick phone call to my ex husband Todd.  He has a GPS device that can tell us where Mr. Thornton is.  I hope Mr. Thornton has his cell phone on him.”

I grinned, “Todd is the expert when it comes to modern day technology.  I really like that one thing about him.  He’s a brain child.”

Lori smiled, “Yeah too bad he can’t keep his pants on though.  The man has an insatiable appetite for kinky sex.  The good thing is I know he will not last long with Blondie.

He is already eyeing his new neighbor Candy.  She is very busty and seems to like him too.  You know its fun spying on my ex, he’s better than the soaps on TV!”

I had to laugh at the truth in that statement.  I was glad for Lori because her relationship with Todd primarily based on sex.  Thankfully, she never fell in love with him so it was no big loss when he left her for another woman.  They divorced on good terms.  Lori was happy to move onto bigger and better things. Although at times I think, she does harbor some bitterness about the other woman.  I do not blame her; I would be ticked off too.

I called Roy, “We have a problem.  I cannot sign these papers just now.  I have a feeling Julie’s cooking up another hatchet plan and she’ll be causing you undue heartache as well.  I don’t want to cause you any grief.”

Roy said, “That fine Rachel, I was going to call you today.  I kept having dreams that your father did not want me to buy the paper yet.  I think there is a reason you need to keep it too.  I happened to bump into your lawyer Mr. Thornton; it seems he was completely unaware of any paper work, which means he will be pressing charges against Missy his new secretary.  She has forged a few documents and cost him a pretty penny.  She has been overbilling some of his clients and pocketing the money.

She is as bright as her Mother Julie is.  Mr. Thornton is going to go after Julie’s Father Drew.  If anyone can control Julie, it is he.  You see Julie’s father has a thing for prostitutes and I might have the biggest story for your paper there.

I hired a detective and I have pictures of Mr. Drew doing his thing with the girls.  I think that you should re-hire Jim, Mac and the rest of the employees.  Let them run with the story.  Jim is blamed for it and it will come back on Julie’s head.

I am going to blackmail Missy with the help of one of the young lawyers she has been sleeping with.  He supposedly works for her father.  He is actually one of my detectives in disguise.  It seems that Julie’s Father is under investigation for several things too.”

I was feeling groovy when I got off the phone.

I said to Lori, “You’re not going to believe this.”

She smiled, “Oh yes I am…”

Lori and I talked about everything that happened and I heard the drone of an engine close by.  I looked out over the beach and here were two good-looking blonde dudes on Jet Skis.

I said to Lori, “Let’s get into our bikinis and do some sunbathing.  Maybe they’ll invite us along.”

Lori smiled, “Fabulous idea my dear. “

We changed into our bikinis and sandals and slipped on blue sarongs around our waists.

I said, “We look like the Bobsey Twins.”

Lori grinned, “I used to love reading the secret seven mystery stories when I was younger.  They were my grandmother’s books.”

I asked, “What about Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys?  I loved their books!  I used to read one everyday.  I always thought it would be fun to be a detective in my imagination.”

Lori smiled, “Oh the yarns we could tell if we wanted to.”

I said, “Lori, since we do not know if these two guys are part of Julie’s goon club lets have some fun and mess with their heads.”

She said, “Deal.”

We pulled out a blanket and sat down.  First, I waved at the guys and sat there.  Sure enough, they ventured to shore.

I said, “Ahoy there mate, those look fun, care to have a pretty lady tag along for a ride?”

Mr. Muscles smiled at me.  He had a perfect row of white teeth and said, “Miss your chariot waits!”

He signaled for his friend to come over and said, “My name is Dale and this is my friend Chip.”

I said, “I’m Rachel and this is Lori.”

Dale asked, “Do you girls like to surf?”

I said, “I’ve never actually tried it.  Is it easy to learn?”

Dale said, “Chip is an instructor here on the Island.  I’ll get him to give you a few lessons after lunch if you’re not busy.”

I looked at Lori, “It looks like were spending the day at the beach, first a bit of jet skiing then it’s off to surfing basics.”

Lori snickered.  I looked at Dale.  He did not seem to notice my making fun of him.  I could tell he was not too bright, but he would be good enough company for a day at the beach.

We ended up going to the island buffet for sandwiches and fruit.  It was a vegetarian spread but that was okay, our figures could stand to lose a few pounds.

Chip was very patient with our lessons.  I caught on right away.  Lori was pretty water logged a few hours later.  After complaining, that she was not vey coordinated.  For when it came to sports I was the one to always excel in them.

My Sister Melissa and I used to be so competitive in sports, while growing up.  I would win and she would pout.

The sun was setting and Chip and Dale invited us to go clubbing.  We went home to shower and change into our Hawaiian dresses.  Beautiful floral prints, hanging off one should like a toga.  The material made from the local silkworms; felt like velvet and looked very chic.

I had royal blue with pink, yellow, and blue flowers.  Lori was wearing bright yellow, orange, and green flowers; it matched her strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes.

Both of us were enjoying ourselves, dancing, drinking, and having a good time.  We ended up out on the beach, looking at the stars; the boys took us to a secluded watering hole.  We all stripped down and then we went skinny-dipping.

The warm water kissed my body, and I felt a thrill of excitement go through me.  Normally I was not into one-night stands, but with all the pressure from work, I let my desires run wild and I made out with Dale, in the sand under a beautiful palm tree.  I could see Lori off in the distance she was enjoying Chip.

Dale asked, “Do you think your friend would mind having me also?”

I laughed, “She’s a new divorcee and loves a good roll in the hay, go ahead and ask.  I’ll wait here.”

Dale said, “Why don’t you join us?”

I said, “Threesome’s aren’t my thing, but thanks anyways.  Besides it would be too weird having sex with my friend nearby.”

Dale was surprise, “I would think you’d be more comfortable with it, oh well I’ll see you in a bit.”

I lay back on the sand, wrapped naked in a towel.  I could hear all three of them splashing each other in the water then they got out and Lori was laughing, she was enjoying herself.  I was lying there naked and thinking about Michael.

Dam that man he was always invading my thoughts.  I wondered if he was in bed with a blonde-haired woman or a brown-haired woman.  It rather bothered me to think about it.  Why should I care if he had a lover?

I am not dating him or even seeing him.  I am going to his ranch in a few days.  I wonder if he will make a move on me there.

Michael seems more like the type to get to know a girl before jumping into bed with her.  Usually I am the same way, but there is something magical and wild here in Hawaii.  I have developed a Devil may care attitude and I have thrown caution to the wind.

I seem to have let go my sexual inhibitions.  Is it because work is stifling me and suppressing my need to be creative?  It just seems that in the last few days I have been snowballed with lots of problems.  I feel like its bad Karma for something I did in the past.

Well I am here to have fun, go wild and crazy.  Maybe I needed to be more like this.  I looked over at Lori, Dale, and Chip.  They were really giving it to her and I decided that I deserved to have some fun for once in my life.

I walked over and joined in.

Lori looked at me in surprise then whispered, “It’s about time you let yourself do something naughty!”

I laughed and got down to business…

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