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Chapter 8

The Calamity Girl – The Promotion

Tom had everything ready to go; he had ordered a pizza for us for supper.  I threw the extra slices into the freezer for another time.  I told Tom that after our trip to Hawaii, I would be going to a ranch for a holiday.

Tom asked, “Where’s this ranch?”

I said, “I have no idea; I’m going as a guest.  Michael invited me there.  We will probably discuss business.”

Tom said, “Doesn’t sound like much of a holiday.”

I was busy looking through my suitcase when I asked, “Where’s my new bikini?”

Tom says, “I couldn’t find it.”

We had to leave in fifteen minutes and now he tells me!

I said, “It’s in a gift bag.  It was on my dresser.”

I looked and the bag was not there on a whim I looked behind the dresser and there it was.  I was straining and trying to reach over the side of the dresser when I heard a loud ripping noise coming from the back of my skirt.

Tom had come into my room and started laughing, “Your pink flowered britches are hanging out.”

I groaned, “Can you get this bag out from behind the dresser?  Use a broom handle it will be easier on your back.”

I ran to the closet and grabbed a new skirt.

Tom said, “You’ve got a rip in your nylons too.”

I said, “When did that happen?”

Tom said, “I noticed it when you came home.”

I looked at him, “You decided to tell me now.  I can’t go around with ripped nylons!”

I rummaged around my drawers, none in there.  I went to my closet and pulled out a pink flowered container.  Good there was one more pair in my secret stash!  I would have to buy some new ones in Hawaii.

Tom said, “I noticed you didn’t have any nylons so I got you these.”

I smiled, “Tom you’re a saint.  Hey these are lacy thigh highs?”

Tom blushed, “They were in my apt.  I figured I didn’t have time to run to the mall…”

I said, “Thank God for fetishes.”

Tom laughed.

I quickly changed, he handed me the bikini and I placed it into my suitcase.  Then we were all set to go.  There was a van honking down stairs.  Our ride to the airport was here.

I grabbed my purse, my suitcase, and my overnight bag.  We headed down the stairs.  Then I remembered my cell phone was still plugged into the charger.

I groaned, “Here Tom take care of these.  I’ve got to run back up and grab my phone.”

I got the two items and looks across the room. I had left my briefcase there too with my laptop, the battery charger and all my cords were dangling on the floor.

I thought it odd because I usually tucked everything away.  I headed back down the stairs my arms full to capacity, hoping that I had not forgotten anything.  We finally got into the van and we were on our way.

Within an hour I was on the plane.  I sat back with a sigh and closed my eyes. It would be a long flight so I set my alarm on my cell phone and had a nap.

It was around 7:30 am when Tom shook me awake. I had slept through my alarm.

He said, “Were here and it’s a beautiful sunrise, look.”

I looked out the window at the gorgeous view of balmy trees, a large waterfall, and thousands of tropical plants and flowers.  I was in paradise.

Our driver took us to a nice hotel along the coast.  Tom called Roy and arranged for me to see him the next day.  Tom knew that I was exhausted.  I slept for a few hours, then got up and went down for lunch.

Tom joined me.  We both enjoyed the fresh fruit and buffet lunch.  I had a martini.  I decided I would go sunbathing first then do a little shopping.

Tom came along with me.

He was looking at my bikini and said, “You know you look very delicious in that.”

I grinned and said, “You look pretty hot yourself there Mr. Muscles.”

I had not seen Tom with his shirt off before.  He was built, really built with a nice six-pack.  I was beginning to drool.  I did not realize how provocative I looked to him.

Tom was used to seeing me fully clothed in my office attire all stern and business like.  He had not seen this carefree side of me before.  We were both enjoying a dip in the lovely blue ocean, watching the surfers going along the beach. Then I went and flopped down on a comfortable reclining chair.

Tom came over and suggested that he put some suntan lotion on my back before I burned to a crisp.

His nice strong hands caressed my body.  He took his time with my arms and legs.

I mumbled, “Gee this is like getting a full body massage.”

I flipped over and he did the front of me.  As he placed the lotion around my chest, my nipples hardened.

Tom laughed, “Am I exciting you?”

I grinned, “My body doesn’t know the difference between a friend’s touch and lovers.  It is enjoying being touched, period!  It’s been six months so I guess it will be responding to anything.”

Tom was shocked, “You’re a hot Chick!  I cannot believe it has been six months since you have been laid.  Are you serious?”

I sighed, “I never have time to have sex.”

Tom had a devilish grin on his face, when he said, “I am your assistant you know.  I can help in all areas of expertise.”

I looked at his hard body and had my carnal thoughts about him.  I worried it might ruin our working relationship.

I sighed, “I don’t like to mix business with pleasure.”

Tom grinned, “I know, that’s why I offered; just to tease you.”

I looked at the desire in his eyes and thought, “Yeah right.”

We took turns using the washroom to change into our clothes.  I never thought it would be a problem sharing a room with Tom.  At work he looked like a nerd with his glasses on and his Armani suits.  He had wavy blonde hair and deep blue eyes that usually had a twinkle in them.  Now after seeing him half-naked in a bathing suit, my carnal desires were fighting with my resolve not to mix business with pleasure.

We went downstairs to enjoy a lovely evening.  We had a buffet with a roasted pig, vegetables, and fruits.  It was a luau, and I wore a grass skirt, lei and we joined in with the girls.  I was trying to learn how to do a hula dance and the alcohol was making me very giddy.

It was a few hours later.  I had a few martinis and so did Tom, both of us were drunk and taking a walk along the beach.  It was getting late and Tom wanted to go for a swim before going to bed.  We found an alcove, stripped down and went skinny-dipping.

I swallowed some water and I was choking, Tom helped me get up on my feet so I wouldn’t drown myself.  He pulled me close to him and our naked bodies rubbed up against each other.  I pulled away when the feeling of an electric shock went right through me.

We got our clothes on and headed back to our room.  I was lying on the bed and Tom was on the couch.  It was so hot in there, I figured he had already seen me naked so I pulled off my nightdress and angled the fan towards my body.

Tom was fidgeting.  I felt sorry for him so I told him to come and share the fan.  He pulled off his clothes and lay on the bed beside me.  It was a few minutes later that he turned towards me and kissed me.  It felt so good being touched by a man.  His artful hands explored me.  I tried to hold back, but I could not I was horny too.  Tom and I enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours, fulfilling our sexual needs.

I woke up groggy in the morning and saw Tom’s naked body beside me.  Oh God what have I done?  I had broken my rule.  I felt guilty but then again, Tom had been fantastic in bed.  However, surprisingly enough it was just a feeling of needing sex.  I had no feelings towards Tom at all.  I knew he felt the same.  When he tried for a second round in bed, I was not interested.

I told him that last night I was weak because of the alcohol and that this would have to remain a secret between the two of us, a one-night stand.  My God, I was one of the boys now and thankfully, Tom understood.

We quickly showered, changed had a quick breakfast and then I got ready to leave.  I was due to have a meeting with Roy by 11:30 am.  I walked through the grand villa entrance with briefcase in hand.  Tom stayed at the hotel.  I was ushered into a large sunroom.  I was admiring the beautiful bamboo chairs with colorful cushions and a large glass table.  Roy, a middle aged, short Hawaiian man sat there with a big Cuban cigar in his mouth.  He reminded me of Danny Devito.

Roy said, “I’d get up but my bad knee is bothering me again, it’s nice to see you Rachel.  I think the last time I saw you, was at your father’s funeral.  That big black hat though hid your beautiful face.  You do look handsome, just like your father was.  Only in your case the proper word is beauty.”

I nodded and blushed.

Roy asked, “How is your Mother doing these days?”

I said, “Joy has thrown herself into her charity work.  We never talk.”

Roy said, “And your Sister Melissa, how is she doing?”

I smiled, “She just started her new line of fashion.  I hear that she is doing quite well for herself.”

Roy smiled, “And how are you doing these days?”

I grinned, “I got promoted I’m the head Sales and Marketing Director and Head of Operations at Global Data Services.  I’ll be working closely with David Radford.”

Roy looked impressed then said, “You’re father would be so proud to see how hard you are working to prove yourself.  Jim Winders contacted me, asking about a job.  I turned him away.  I think he was fishing for information.  You have a leak in your party.”

I was shocked, “Tom’s the only one that knew of my plans with you.”

Roy nodded, “Yes and Julie’s friend Tania, knows Tom quite well.  She spent the night with him.  That boy needs to be more careful while handling delicate matters.  He could cost you a major client down the road if you are not careful.  Do you trust him?”

I looked Roy straight in the eye, “I’ve known Tom for several years now; he has never let me down.  Tania must have snooped through his office I never text message anything important to him.  However, there was a girl with him when he arranged for us to come to Hawaii.  As we all know, I hardly ever come here so it would not take much for Jim or Julie to figure out where I was heading.

Jim used to be loyal to my father, but after he died, Jim turned bad somehow.  I still cannot figure out why though.

I have a feeling that Julie was black mailing them or even Colleen.  They have been blackmailing David and Bryson.  I had to shut down operations at Gossip Tabloids.  No one was listening to my orders so I went down to the plant and fired everyone!  I was happy when you agreed to still buy the place.  I want to wash my hands of it.”

Roy said, “You caught me off guard.  I’ve been trying to buy that paper off your father for years.”

I said, “It was his baby.  He made his fortune with that paper; he could not let it go.  I on the other hand have found it to be a constant irritation.  You were my father’s best friend and business partner in some cases.  I trust you’ll run it the same way as always with some scruples?”

Roy nodded, “I am the tabloid king, and I try very hard not to air too much dirty laundry.  What about yours, do you have anything to hide?  Julie called to tell me they were investigating you on charges of fraud.”

I smiled, “Yes and did Julie also tell you that she and Colleen were arrested this morning?  Charged with fraud and embezzlement; Julie planned to frame me and run away with millions of dollars.”

Roy locked eyes with me, “Did she almost succeed?”

I said, “Yes, but she didn’t know that my investigation included the whole company for the past six months.  David uncovered quite the assortment of problems today.  He’s so kindly given me full reign to handle it.”

Roy grinned, “Well my dear, you managed your fathers mess, and came out with flying colors.  You should be capable of handling this one too.”

I said, “I have my doubts, I’ve got David, Bryson and Jason working with me inside the company with a bunch of newer employees.  We let all the old one’s go, they would be too loyal to Colleen and I cannot take any chances.

Julie tried to overthrow me with Father’s company, now this one.  She did not know I was involved with the other one though. I managed to keep my secret, but now, Michael Ferraras seems to be very interested in me.”

Roy nodded, “Michael can be a real bastard if you cross him.  He is a good man, moral and smart.  His Brother David is trustworthy too.  You can rely on both of them.

Julie will not be behind bars for long.  Her Father Drew Cartland is a powerful attorney and this is her first offense in the eyes of the law.  She has weaseled herself into several companies and made a tidy profit for herself.

Her Father Drew is as evil as they come.  He knows whom to pay and he can be dangerous if you are not careful.”

I said, “What should I do then Roy?  Will Julie come after the company?”

Roy said, “Yes, she’ll be bound and determined to put David’s company to rest.  She is a vindictive little bitch.  She will cause as many headaches as possible.  I would not be surprised if she has not contacted all the shareholders and got them into an uproar over you.”

I said, “Julie doesn’t know I’ve taken over.  She still thinks David is in control.”

Roy said, “Your wrong, Tania told Julie about it.”

I sat there for a moment in shock.  Tom was becoming a problem for me.  Everything I had worked so hard to protect and now I had slept with him.

I said, “Roy I’m in trouble.  If I fire Tom, he knows too much about me and he can blackmail me.”

Roy said, “Not a problem, Tom has a gambling debt, he owes major money right now.  Is he a good worker?”

I said, “The Best.”

Roy said, “Good I’ll put him in charge of something.  I will pay off his gambling debts.  If he even breathes a word about you, he’ll be a dead man.”

I swallowed hard, “Can’t he be banished to a tropical island instead?”

Roy looked at me, “You care that much about him?

I nodded, “It would weigh on my conscience too much if anything happened to him.  Beside’s Julie and Tania will try to get him to work against me.  Tom really likes Tania; she’s already under his skin.”

Roy said, “How do you know this?”

I said, “I heard him dreaming about her last night, he was enjoying her in his sleep if you know what I mean.”

We were interrupted by a security man; he whispered something in Roy’s ear.  Roy had a serious angry look on his face.

I asked, “Is everything alright?”

Roy was looking thoughtful for a moment then motioned for me to follow him into a room full of security monitors.

It took us a few minutes to get there.

Roy asked, “Rachel why were you two sharing a room?”

I said, “Tom told me he could only get one room because of the conference?”

Roy looked serious for a moment, “I hate to tell you this Rachel, but he lied.  I think he had a different objective.  He knows you talk in your sleep.  I’d be changing the passwords onto your computer and accounts.”

I said, “Tom’s my friend.  He would never do that to me?”

Roy said, “He already has, looked.”

Roy turned to one of the monitors and focused in on a man peering into what looked like my laptop!

He was reading my presentation.

I said, “Roy what am I going to do?  I want Tom sent to his own island right away!”  I was angry and I was humiliated.

Roy made the call, we watched as Tom answered the door and the two men took him away.  One of the men closed the laptop and opened a wall safe.  He placed it inside and locked it.  Roy handed me the secret code to get into the safe.

I looked at him, “How did you know?”

Roy said, “Michael is a friend of mine he called me when he realized who Tom was.  Julie and Tom have been lovers for some time now, Tania likes having threesomes with her friend.  I’m sorry Rachel.”

I wanted to cry.

I said to Roy, “Do you have all the legal documents ready?”

He nodded, “I sent a copy to your Lawyer Frank a few days ago, and he’s made sure everything is in order.”

I said to Roy, “How do I know I can trust my lawyer or anyone now?  Tom was my friend, my confidante and he betrayed me.”

Roy said, “I think Tom only got involved for the money.  His gambling debts have almost cost him his life a few times now.  Julie bailed him out so he agreed to help her with David.  I do not think he realized that you were the target.  Tom is somewhat dumb in some ways.  Anyways here are the documents.”

I sat there for a moment and slowly looked over all the pages.

I looked up and said, “Roy I need the rest of the day to look these over.  I will sign them when I am done.  I’m going to have to find a new assistant soon.”

Roy said goodbye and I headed to my suite.  I decided to make a phone call.

Lori answered the phone with, “I’ve been trying to get a hold of you now for two days, How you been?”

I said, “Terrible, Lori can you get a few days off?”

She said, “Why?”

I said, “I need some company in Hawaii, I’ll make the arrangement for a private jet, can you come?”

She said, “I can for two days.”

I said, “Good I’ll call you back.”

I hung up and called Roy.  “I need a favor.”

Roy said, “Anything.”

I said, “I need the private jet to pick up Lori in Toronto and bring her to Hawaii.”

Roy said, “That won’t be necessary.  I will fly her directly from Toronto.  I’ll send a driver to pick her up in an hour.”

I called Lori back, “Be ready in an hour.”

She said, “Okay.”

I called Roy back and gave him Lori’s address then I said, “Thanks and can you have your driver stop by Harvey’s Restaurant on the way? Lori will want a burger and fries for supper.”

Roy said, “No problem.”

I said, “Thanks I owe you one.”

I went down to the front desk and asked if there were any two-bedroom villas for rent.  They happened to have one on the other side of the island.  I asked if it had a safe and they said yes.  I went back to my room and packed up my things.  One of the hotels valet has assisted me in moving all my things to the lovely spacious villa.

As soon as the man left, I made sure to encrypt all of my documents and I saved them under a new file name.  If anyone else tried to look at the files, they would not have a clue where it was.

I went and sat in the hot tub, naked, I was enjoying my soak while looking at my colorful new villa.  I dried off and went to lie down on the couch.

It was spacious and modern in the villa with a gorgeous view of the ocean from the living room window.

Lori would arrive around 10:30 pm.  I decided I would read some of the magazines I had found in the drawer that day.  I started reading the stories and gossip column about some of the celebrities; I wondered how they handled bad publicity?  What if Julie decided to come after me; what would I do to protect myself?

I began to dream; I was the fair maiden again, with my long dark hair, this time it was flowing and wavy.  Michael rode up dressed in his armor; he beckoned me to get up on his horse.

We were riding together, looking at the countryside’s rolling green hills, and rocky cliffs off in the distance.  This time there was a castle.  It had a Scottish coat of arms on it and flag flying at the top of one of the turrets.  We got off the horse and walked into the castle.

It took us ages to reach the large elegant dining room.  A dark mahogany wood, with several silver place settings with fine white china, with the Scottish Coat of Arms on each plate and dainty silver mugs of drink were sitting there.  We sat down to dinner and the table filled with guests.  Michael ripped the chicken drumstick with his bare hands then handed me one to eat as well.  I felt almost barbaric but I was hungry.

I woke up, my tummy was rumbling and it was dark outside.  The phone was ringing.  It was Lori.

She said, “Rachel where are you?  I came to the Room number that Roy gave me and there is someone else here.”

I apologized, “Go to the bar, I’ll meet you there in ten minutes.”

I jumped into the jeep I had rented and drove quickly to the bar area.  I parked and got out.  Lori was enjoying herself, doing a hula dance with some of the locals.  I sat down and watched.  She came by, grabbed my hand, and hugged me.

She said, “Come on girl, let’s go dancing!”

I grinned, it had been a while since Lori, and I had any fun together.  We went into the nightclub. I ordered chicken wings and fries for us. We had a few drinks then headed out to the dance floor.  Lori was looking at me she could tell I wanted to talk.

She said, “Have some fun first.  It’s not everyday that I get invited to Hawaii!”

She had a point.  I let go of all my worries and frustrations and danced until the early hours of the morning.  Finally, Lori had enough.  I drove us to the villa. The Moon was shining and it was a beautiful and clear starry night. The warm ocean breeze was coming through the windows that I had left opened.

Lori was excited, “My God Rachel what a view!  Why are we here?

I said, “I’m selling my fathers’ business to Roy.  I can’t take care of it anymore.”

Lori smiled, “It’s about time.  Where’s that hunk of yours Tom?”

I was quiet and then the tears came. I could not stop it.  All the frustrations I had bottled up inside came pouring out of me in a torrent.

Lori hugged me and asked, “What happened?”

I said, “Somehow Julie and Colleen convinced Tom to get important information out of me for money.  He had a gambling problem.  He sold me out.

Julie and Colleen arrested today and Roy has banished Tom to a deserted Island somewhere.  He will no longer be working for anyone, he’s lucky to be alive.”

Lori said, “Whoa!”

I said, “The other night when you called, I was locked in at work while investigating Colleen.  I spent the night on a couch in David’s office, and bought a set of new clothes in the morning.  It has been a nightmare, with Julie and Colleen arrested.  I fired everyone at Gossip Tabloids because I could not handle the situation in a more productive way.  David’s made me the head of the company now.”

Lori said, “Congratulations!  How does it feel to work hard and achieve a goal?  I bet you’re happy about it at least!  My God girl, you have been through so much.  I am surprised you held it together this long but tell me, you have a certain glow about you.  Did you meet a man?”

I was shocked, “How did you know?”

Lori smiled, “I’ve known you for most of my life.  I can tell when there’s something stirring deep inside of you, call it my gut instincts.”

I laughed, “Well yes I met a man named Michael, and I’ve been invited to go see his ranch next week.”

Lori said, “That soon?  Can you trust him?”

I smiled, “Yes, he’s kind of my new boss but isn’t involved with the business – he’s David’s Brother.”

Lorie said, “You little devil you, David’s Brother Michael Ferraras — The famous Hollywood Producer?”

I said hotly, “How the hell do you know that?”

Lori grinned, “I met both of them when their father was in the hospital before he died.  Michael offered to take me to dinner.  I shot him down, now if David would have asked me, I would have said yes.”

I grinned, “You like David?”

She smiled, “I’ve had a crush on him for years from afar of course.  He was my Brother Jack’s friend.”

I said, “Does David have any idea that you like him?”

Lori said, “Not a clue.  I would never tell Jack, he’d tease me to death if he knew.”

I nodded, “You’re lucky to have a brother.  I have a sister who has always been jealous of me.  Melissa still cannot forgive my father for leaving me his entire will.  I still can’t believe he cut her out.”

Lori said, “Poor girl, she should be happy that you are so generous.  You did offer her some of the money to help her out.”

I said, “I know, you tell her that though.  I think it is the principle of the thing.  At least she has done something constructive with it for once.  Her fashion show in New York City was a hit with the critics!  I do believe my kid sister is on her way to fame!

She has even asked me to visit her sometime.  I have two months off before I go back to work.  After I visit Michael’s ranch, I think I will go see my kid sister and buy some new designer clothes.

I will have to go for the manager look now and stop wearing my short and sexy skirts.  I wouldn’t want to cause David any problems.”

Lori said, “You don’t say?”

I grinned, “Yes.  I found out that David and Bryson like me.  I told them I never mix business with pleasure.”

Lori asked, “What about Michael?”

I said, “That’s going to be tricky.  He is not directly my boss, nor will I have to work with him.  It might cause a problem working with his brother though.  I’ll have to try and not get romantically involved although I broke my rule this weekend.”

Lori said, “Tom?  Is that why you are glowing?  I’m sorry though rotten luck to find out he’s just using you.”

I grinned, “Actually we got very drunk and I gave into my carnal needs, it’s been six months and I was weak in the knees when I saw his two hundred pounds of muscle and a six pack.  I do have to say the boy is very good in bed.

I got off a few times before he let go.  It was nice to have a man who was excellent in bed.  Lord knows I haven’t had much luck in that department either!”

Lori was grinning the she said, “You lustful girl, well your not the only one to break the rule.  I ended up shagging one of the emergency room Doctors in a closet this weekend.  He’s only there temporary and both of us needed a release.”

I said, “Aren’t you afraid of getting fired?”

Lori grinned, “No because I shagged the hot security guard that knew about it.  I will keep shagging both of them on the side.  It is just sex between us.  Neither one is my type to date.”

“Lori what’s come over you?”

She said, “I’m twenty-nine now, I think my biological clock started ticking, my sex drive has increased.”

I laughed, “Yeah divorce will do that to a girl.  Have you heard from Todd at all?”

Lori was quiet for a moment, “Not since Todd moved in with his secretary.  The happy couple has not been seen lately according to my nosy neighbor Rosalie.”

I said, “That old battle axe?  Lori it is not good to be living two doors down from your ex.  You cannot bring anyone home you will feel guilty.  You need to move on in life.  Todd has moved on.  When are you going to?”

Lori grinned, “I am going to move.  I bought a new condominium along Lakeshore Rd at Floraview Towers.  They have a new building next door.  Why don’t you get one too?”

I said, “How did you get into Floraview?”

Lori said, “I put my name in before you did.  Now you can take your name off the list and order a brand new unit unless you want to wait a couple of years.  I am moving there in two months time.  I guess you won’t be helping me pack?”

I said, I can help you next month but it depends.  I only get this time for my vacation and then I have to wait a whole year before I get another one.

I made it company policy until we get everything sorted out.  We are moving into the new office buildings beside the Grand Hotel.  Michael owns them so we will have cheaper rent and more room.  Everyone will have his or her own private offices there.  It is going to be nice not having any more “fish bowl offices,” — I can’t wait.”

Lori yawned, “Well girlie I’m beat.  Let us get some sleep.  I’ll see you in the morning.”

I tossed and turned during the night.  I kept seeing my father’s face before me; I was feeling guilty about selling his baby Gossip Tabloids.  Why should I feel guilty?  Is it because the paper is the last thing I hold dear to my father’s memory?

Did I overreact with Jim and the employees?  What would my father have done?  Dad always faced any problems he had head on, he did not try to avoid them or shoo them away.  Why do I care so much about what people think of me?

My father was the one that dealt with Julie’s mess and now it looks like she is after me for revenge.  I really had nothing to do with it.  Why did Julie and Colleen try to set me up?  Surely, it must have something to do with my past.  Alternatively, was it because Julie found out that David liked me and she felt like a woman scorned when he stopped seeing her?

I think that seems like a reasonable explanation.  She is vindictive and jealous of me.  Surely, she must know the truth about me now.  Jim probably told her everything and she will do whatever she can to thwart my success.  I will have to find her weakness and attack first.

She will never know what hit her.  I will make sure she does not realize that it is coming from me.  I am going to enjoy roasting that bitch.  She was hell to work with for the past two months.  I wonder if Colleen had it out for her to.

Dear Colleen, one who is so ambitious to be number one in everything.  Oh how the mighty have fallen!  I am going to have to watch every step I take.  I hope I can rely on Lori to stay true to me.  I will have to make sure Julie cannot get at her.

Perhaps she already has.  I bet the doctor at the hospital is one of Julie’s spies!  He could be a trap for Lori.  I will have to warn her to watch what she says around him.  I finally drifted off, but had nightmares during the night…

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