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Chapter 3

The Calamity Girl – The Promotion

When my alarm woke me up at 7 am on Wednesday morning, I rolled out of bed half asleep. I erased Lori’s message on my answering machine. I could kick myself. Last week I told her not to leave messages on my cell phone anymore. My cell phone bill was too high.  It was cheaper if she called me at home. That way we could talk as long as we wanted without it costing me a fortune.

I made my way to the kitchen, filled my new auto shut-off Kettle with water, plugged it in, and went and had a shower. I grabbed the coffee, coffee-mate, and sugar and poured the water into my cup.

That is when I realized I had forgotten to turn the switch on. The water in the kettle was still ice cold. I sighed in exasperation and dumped the cold coffee down the sink and started all over again. It gave me a few minutes to think about Michael. He was in my dreams all night.  Only this time he was in a royal blue medieval costume with a silver plated shield across his chest. He was riding on a fiery black stallion beside my carriage. His shoulder length wavy brown hair was flying in the wind. I was a maiden with long dark braided hair. My carriage was being attacked by two Spanish thieves dressed in red.

Michael appeared and shots rang through the air.  He killed both of the bandits with his pistol.  He stopped my carriage and I got out.  His warm sexy hands held mine. I was given my bag of gold and my treasure chest of jewels. Then Michael handed me two more bags of gold from the bandit’s horses.

Michael asked if it was okay if he kept the two horses. I nodded as he waved goodbye and rode away. When I looked down in my lap there was a single red rose with a beautifully written card that said – To my fair lady – it was a pleasure.

My Kettle clicked off and my day dream ended.  I poured my hot water into my mug then went and sat down at the table. Yesterday’s paper was lying there staring at me.  I did not bother to look at the front page.  I turned to the horoscope section.  Gemini, you will meet someone interesting today.  Let romance have its way. I giggled, yeah right, good luck with that. I checked my biorhythms and they were negative. Figures, will I ever have a day without mishaps?  I doubt it.  Lori once called me “The Calamity Girl” because of my seemingly bad luck.  I used to get upset about it, now I am used to it.

It has become a part of my life to have constant frustrations and drawbacks.  The good thing is this. As a writer you can share your horrific tales with the readers and add some humor along the way. They find it very amusing, judging by the amount of traffic I get to my blog.

Tuesday was a prime example.  I am always saying that I need to learn some patience.  Then fate sends along a bunch of lessons to try my patience.  I think I passed the test.

Michael was the reward.  Not only did I meet a warm, caring, handsome man.  I also got a new pair of shoes and a lovely dinner out of the deal. I guess Michael likes to be generous while having some company for a change.  I wondered if I would ever see him again.

I enjoyed my bowl of special K and glass of orange juice. I skipped the coffee. I would have one at our meeting. I had a hard time sleeping last night.  I was restless about giving my presentation today. It will be my first sales and marketing presentation for Global Data Services. Maybe David will see how valuable I am as an employee and offer me a promotion.  I would give anything to have a management position within the company. I have been working hard for the past few years trying to make something of myself. I mentally started to go over all the people at work who will be at the meeting today.  Some will be shocked to see me at the front of the board room giving a speech.

It will be strange at first but then I was quite comfortable in University during my Oral Presentations. I will look at a spot on the wall and glance every now and then at my coworkers. Bryson Barrett is our technical advisor at GDS – Global Data Services. He was the instigator in me sharing my ideas with Julie Cartland and David Radford.  So thanks to Bryson I was going to give my first presentation.

Julie Cartland, my boss, is an aggressive woman, comparable to a badger and very demanding.  She has short dark hair and cold grey eyes.  I often wonder if she has a soul. Most people at work refer to her as the bitch from hell.  I respect her and try my best to be cordial with her at all times.

Lately since I’ve been having meetings with David Radford, she has become quite nasty to me.  David is extremely handsome, wealthy and articulate.  He has dark hair, dark blue eyes and a round face.  I think he’s in pretty good shape. He often talks about playing golf, tennis and racquet ball. Colleen Richards is the executive secretary.  A middle-aged blonde with dark brown eyes and short eyelashes, she constantly complains about everything.  She is the go between all three of us; the monkey in the middle. Julie and Colleen are inseparable. I guess you could call them BFFs.

Bryson was the one that put a bug in David’s ear about my ideas.  Our profits were at a loss in the last quarterly report which was a surprise because we normally post a huge profit.

My idea was to diversify our products and tap into an unknown market.  As I mentioned before, I was always coming up with ideas for the company and I usually put them into a suggestion box at work under anonymous.

Bryson was in charge of implementing new ideas. He noticed that the handwriting on the suggestion form was always the same.  He saw that my ideas could create profits. He also noticed that some of my ideas were similar to Julie’s. He found it odd and asked David about it one day at lunch as a joke.  David did not think it was funny.

David thought that there was something strange going on and he would look into it. After seeing our loss in millions in sales, he realized that he was on a sinking ship. If he did not do something soon we would all be out of a job.

Of course, he never breathed a word about it to any of us, That is, until today.  It was an emergency meeting where we would be discussing cutbacks and layoffs in the company.  I had noticed that David was rather stressed lately.

I had a knack for watching people during lunch hour in the cafeteria.  Usually David had an easy smile, he could be laid back at times but lately he had been on his cell phone a lot.  At first, I figured he did not know how to take a break. But then the one-day I overheard him complaining to Bryson about having to give a daily sales report.  I thought it odd because we usually did them once a month.

Colleen was complaining to me about having to do all the extra reports. I asked her about the numbers, she said it was not good.  Our sales were steadily declining and our shareholders were getting nervous and selling their shares.

I started watching the stock market. I Googled our reports online and our shares had dropped a whopping twenty dollars a unit in the course of four months.

It was troubling me during my meditations even though I tried not to think about it.  I listen to ten-minutes of classical music every day, to clear my mind before starting work.

If I have any ideas come to mind, I jot them down in my idea book.  Some day’s I get tons of ideas and other days nothing at all.  I read an article somewhere that people, eat, sleep and workout. But they never think about giving their brain a time of rest. Clear all thoughts.

I have been doing a daily meditation exercise. I find I can think clearly, make decisions faster and I am happier and content with my life. I should have been frazzled by everything that went wrong.  I was not – I sought my inner peace and my frustrations came out in tears, but only for a few minutes.  I did not let it ruin my day.

It took me a long time to master my feelings.  I used to get so depressed about everything going wrong in a day.  Now I have come to accept it as part of my life.  You take the lessons you learn and develop yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Michael was a solid rock. I felt that coming from his personality.  He was calming and comical.  I could see that he looks at the brighter side of things and takes problems into stride.  If something is wrong, you fix it.  You do not sit there and wish it away. Jasmine – my Yoga instructor has been hammering this thought into my head for the past four months now.  She says that too many people spend years complaining about something and they never do anything about it.

She says it is a simple theory.  If something is broken – fix it.  If you do not like something about your life – change it.  You have the power to be anyone you want to be, just believed in yourself.  Ever since that first meeting with Jasmine’s Yoga Class, my life has changed for the better in so many ways. I looked at my watch. It was time to go to work.

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