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Chapter 19

The Calamity Girl – The Promotion

My alarm went off at nine am.  I had a quick shower then I headed over to Starbucks.  Clarice was a nice looking girl.  She had shoulder length black hair and hazel eyes.  She was dressed very smart in a Liz Claiborne navy blue suit.  She had matching pumps and a Guess handbag.  We sat down and I ordered a cappuccino, Clarice had an espresso.

I said, “I was looking at your resume last night.  It is very impressive.  I want you to know that as my assistant you will rarely be in the office.  In fact, I usually will have you run errands for me.

I know you‘ve been staying at your mothers place.  I am going to go look at a condominium today.  My lease is not up for a few more months so if you want to you can live in my apt for a while until the lease is up.

I have already paid for the rest of the year, so I do not want to waste it.  I will leave some furniture there for you to use.  I’m going to buy new stuff.”

Clarice smiled, “I’d love to stay in your apt and thank you!”

I said, “I also need your help packing stuff we have to go get some more boxes then we’ll go to the condo.  You are going to need a cell phone, a notebook and a pen at all times.

Make sure no one knows of my plans.  I have a contract for you to sign with a privacy clause.  Under no circumstances can you discuss my work or private life.  If you do, you will automatically go to jail and I will be prosecuting you.

I have had a lot of bullshit to deal with lately and I am only protecting myself.  Now you do a good job and I will reward you with trips and money.  Do you have a passport?”

Clarice nodded.

I said, “Good you’ll be doing several things for me.  I intend to develop your Public Relations skills while you work for me.  Should you decide to leave me, please give me plenty of notice before you do?

If you find me a good replacement, I will give you another bonus.  I need some more boxes.  First, though we need to go to the mall and get you some casual clothes and shoes to wear.”

Clarice was shocked when I bought her a lovely pair of designer jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt with Nike running shoes.

She mumbled her thanks.  She quickly changed and we went around the city gathering boxes.  I decided after we packed my apt; we would start on Lori’s place.

We stopped into a nice café for lunch and then we drove over to Lakeview Terrace.  I walked into the penthouse suite and fell in love with it.  I looked out at the view.  I would have 6,000 square feet of living space.

I said to Clarice, “I need a designer for the paint and décor.  Here’s a list of the types of furniture that I want and the colors that I need.”

I went and signed the papers that day.  I planned to move into my new condominium within two weeks time.  Clarice had a friend who had just graduated from the University of Toronto.

They had met while in school.  I told Clarice to make an appointment with the girl for me tomorrow around ten in the morning.  I wanted her to bring me a copy of her designs and drawings from school.  I also told her I needed a sample of paints and material to choose from she would have a whole day to gather it all and bring it to me tomorrow night.

Clarice said, “I’ve made plans.”

I said, “Cancel them.  I will take an hour of your time around six pm.  You will have to get used to re-arranging your schedule around mine.  I will also require that you to work at varied hours.  Will this be a problem?”

Clarice turned red and said, “My friend is coming from out of town.”

I said, “What time were you going to meet him?”

She said, “Six o’clock.”

I said, “Okay meet me at four then.  I will switch the schedules around this time but in the future if you have something important to do then give me a days notice so that I can mark it on the schedule, okay?”

Clarice was grateful, “Thanks so much I really appreciate it.”

We spent the next few hours packing up the apt.  I told Clarice to look up some modern furniture and bedding places and then we would visit a few stores.  I told her to warn her friend to clear her calendar for the next two weeks.

She would be busy if I hired her.  She would also need to organize painters and carpet layers with the condominium.  They offered to help with the décor.  I was grateful to them for that.

Clarice said, “Rachel there’s something here for you.  Michael Ferraras owns these condos and he’s sent you a fax.”

Clarice had a puzzled look on her face.

I grabbed the fax and it said, “Welcome to you’re new home, I miss you.”

After Clarice, left I called Michael.

I said, “I didn’t think you would ever talk to me again.”

Michael replied, “Jim called me and told me what really happened.  He apologized profusely.  I think he was terrified that I was going to sue him.  You know I looked at those pictures of us on the internet.  They made me very horny.”

I laughed, “Listen I have a busy day tomorrow.  You can come over for a couple of hours but then you have to leave.  I have a lot of packing to do.  I’m moving into my new place in two weeks.”

Michael said, “I’m downstairs.”

I laughed, “Come on up.”

I opened the door and he walked in.  I closed it and he was kissing me madly and holding me tight.

He said, “I’m sorry for trying to pressure you too soon.  I realized I was taking things too fast.  Honestly I’ve never lost my head or heart before can you forgive me?”

I smiled and kissed him passionately and I started to undress him.

It was a few hours later and Michael said, “Can I help you pack?  I’m pretty good at it.”

I said, “Sure I’m planning to leave some stuff here for Clarice.  She’s moving in and taking care of the place for me.”

Michael said, “Do you mean Sandy’s daughter?”

I said, “Yes I’ve hired her to be my assistant.  I also want her to expand her skills as a Public Relations person.  I was hoping you could help me with that?”

Michael grinned, “I was actually already doing that.  I have a dinner engagement with Clarice tomorrow night at six pm.”

I stopped cold.  “You’re her out of town visitor?”

Michael said, “Yes I am.  It will be my first meeting with the girl.  Sandy set it up a few weeks back before you even contemplated hiring her.  I’m not going to back out of it now.”

I felt a wave of jealousy and insecurity wash over me.  Funny nothing like this every bothered me before.

I said to Michael, “Just what are we now?  Lovers who will be monogamous or singles that have a no strings attached relationship?”

Michael smiled, “I think you decided we’d have a single no strings attached relationship.  You broke up with me and tonight are goodbye sex.”

I said, “What do you mean?”

Michael said, “Well we never got the chance to have some goodbye sex.  Therefore, I decided to rectify that tonight.  Did you think I’d just walk back into your life that easily?”

I said grimly, “Michael I think you’d better go now.  You’ve made your point.”

Michael said, “Bye darling.  Call me if you need a boy toy again.  But I can’t promise you that I’ll be at your beck and call, I just might find someone else that will appeal to me.”

He walked out the door and I felt like a knife had gone through my heart…

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