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Chapter 17

The Calamity Girl- The Promotion

It was a little while later, Michael was looking somewhat down, and he mumbled, “Jake will be here soon.”

I said, “Michael I’m feeling pretty uncomfortable at the moment.  I am sorry if I have hurt you.  You are a sweet person it is just so sudden and out of character.  Are you doing this because you are an insecure person?  I do not think it is wise to jump into a relationship so quickly.

I agreed to be your girlfriend, but honestly, I am only looking for a lover who wants to be monogamous.  I have too many things to deal with in my personal life to start worrying about a relationship.  I don’t need the added stress.”

Michael looked at me and said, “I think I found your weakness.  You have a fear of commitment.  That is fine but do not expect me to wait around for you to change your mind.  I refuse to be some girls love sick pup.”

I was shocked at the bitterness in his voice.  He was a wounded man with a shattered ego and it was too much for me to deal with.  I have never encountered a situation like this so I ignored it.  I would not solve this one problem.  I had enough crap to deal with in the past two and a half weeks — I did not want to add to my stress load.

I went and packed up my things.  Jake arrived and we took a limo to the airport.  Jake noticed how the two of us seemed to be avoiding each other.  I could see Michael was suffering.  Now I knew his weakness.

Michael had a hard time dealing with rejection.  He was so used to getting any woman that he wanted.  I probably threw him for a loop by refusing to marry him.  All I could think of was what Lori would say to me when she found out.

I pretended to doze off during the flight I could sense Michael staring at me.  I blocked my thoughts refusing to think about anything related to him.  I did not want him intruding into my troubled soul.  We eventually arrived at the Pearson Airport in Toronto, Canada around four and half hours later.

I gave Michael a hug and a kiss on the check and said, “You didn’t do anything wrong.  You are a wonderful man.  I just cannot swallow a person like you all at once.  I have issues with trusting people right now.  I also have some major career decisions to make and I am going to change many things in my personal life.  I will miss you, but I hope we can stay friends at least.  Bye Michael.”

I turned and walked away, holding back the lump in my throat.  I did not let the tears fall until I arrived at my apt…

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