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Chapter 16

The Calamity Girl – The Promotion

It was around five am on Sunday while cuddling me; he kissed me and said, “You’re my little teddy bear.”

I snuggled with him until nine a.m. then I got up and got ready to go out with Maria.  I left Michael a note and told him that we would return around one pm.

It felt so good having a full body massage then a mud bath.  I was enjoying it.  I realized that my head had been up in the clouds all week and I had forgotten to send Lori a post card.

I found one in the mall and sent her a quick note that said, “I’m really enjoying Michael, I’ve discovered I have a strong appetite for him.”

Lori would know what I meant.  I did not know the mailing address so I advised her to email me.  We got back to the ranch around one o’clock.  I checked my email and Lori had sent me a note asking if I was okay.

It was dated three days ago.  I sent her a reply letting her know that I had been busy playing tourist and that a post card was on its way.  Then I took a few minutes to update my blog.  I talked about the line dancing lessons and how much fun it had been at the Cactus Moon Café.  I suggest that everyone should try it.  It was 2:30 pm when I looked at the time.  Michael was standing at the door watching me.  He had a strange gleam in his eye and he shut the door and locked it.

He said huskily, “We haven’t christened this room yet.”

He moved the computer and I lay down on my back on the desk.  Michael took his time, arousing me from head to foot, and then he slowly made love to me while standing up against the edge of the desk.  Only this time he did not release.  I was worried until he told me he was going to try some tantric sex with me.

I decided to so the same and so we both stopped got dressed then headed out on our next adventure.  The Reid Park Zoo was fantastic.  We spent the day there enjoying the animals and taking goofy pictures of one another.

We would steal a kiss every now and then and Michael whispered, “Jake’s going to his friends tonight.  Do you want to go skinny dipping again?”

I smiled and said, “Anytime darling – I love watching your ripped muscles getting wet.  Just like I love running my tongue all over your body and exploring it.”

I was having fun talking dirty all day.  I could see the sexual tension building in Michael.  Words could be powerful, especially when mixed with fantasy.  We had a quick bite to eat at the Zoo then we headed home and got into the hot tub.  I was sitting beside Michael and stroking him all over with my hands, then I got into his lap and he could not hold back any more.  We made love there in the hot tub, then went and had a shower together and did it in there too.

Our time apart had made our appetites for sex even stronger.  We had a marathon of love making all night long.  I felt like I was on cloud nine.  Then I wondered what it was going to be like in a few days.  My week was almost up, yet Michael did not say anything about me leaving.  I went to bed that night feeling uneasy.

It was late Monday morning.  While eating lunch I asked what his plans were.

He looked at me and said, “I wanted to talk to you about that.  Rachel I have really enjoyed our time together this week and I was wondering if you would join me on my trip to California?  I have finished my script and I have a few meetings then I am free to do as I please for a week.  Are you busy?”

I sat for a moment to think.  The paper would be okay without me.  I was not supposed to work for two months anyways.  I would enjoy travelling with Michael.  I had gotten used to sharing a bed with him and the sex was out of this world.

I said, “I don’t mind coming but what if we can’t have sex for a few days, will that bother you?”

Michael kissed me and said, “Its not about the sex Rachel.  I really like you and I have grown attached to you.  I was wondering if you would consider being my girlfriend.”

I was pleasantly surprised.

I kissed him and said, “That is sweet of you to ask.  I’d be delighted to be your girlfriend.”

I surprised even myself.  I did not think twice about it.  I wanted to belong to Michael.  For the first time in my life, I felt like I had come home.  There was a security there, I felt protected from all the bad elements of the world.  Michael was a tower of strength for me.  He had patched up all the wounds in my world.  I was beginning to feel an unknown emotion.

Was it love that I was feeling?  I was not sure, I know that Michael and I had a strong physical connection we had a sort of spiritual connection too.  I noticed it when that morning we both did a meditation together.  I felt a sort of spiritual connection in body, mind, and spirit.  We went and had breakfast then did some laundry and went for a swim.

Afterwards I went and wrote about what it was like to feel a spiritual connection with a man.  I had managed to post a few ideas on my blog then I checked my email account.  Lori scolded me for taking so long to write.  I sent her another email explaining that I was going to California next with Michael.  We would be visiting Universal Studios.  I have always wanted to go there, but never found the time.

I finished my blogs, gathered my laundry, and tried to pack it all into my suitcase.  It would not fit.  I asked Michael if we could run to the Foothills Mall so I could buy some luggage.  We hopped into the car and drove there.  I bought myself a new wallet and purse and a nice pink and grey backpack.

I actually bought a three-piece set of pink leather suitcases.  I figured I would be travelling for the next few months.  I would want to get Lori a few souvenirs from my travels.  We went back to the ranch, gathered our things, and got into the plane. This time we would be staying at a resort by ourselves.

Michael wanted a holiday and he planned to spend the week alone with me.  I felt honored to be his only guest.  Jake would be dropping us off then flying back out.  He had to go work for a new client.  Michael grinned when I asked if he had something to do with it.  It took us an hour to fly to the LAX Airport then an hour and twenty minutes to drive to the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City because of the traffic.

We arrived around just before suppertime at around six o’clock.  This time we shared a room.  It was lavish and spacious.  We had a king sized bed.  The room was decorated in a cream and beige color complimented by the maple-wood furniture.  We had a lovely view of the city.

Michael took me to the famous Mastros Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.  We arrived there by limo.  I decided I wanted a New York strip steak dinner well done with sautéed mushrooms and onions, twice-baked potato and steamed broccoli.  Michael had roasted chicken, sweet potato fries, and Sautéed Spinach.

After dinner, we returned to the Hotel and went for a walk.  Michael decided to call it a night and I spent the next few hours on Google getting information on various local tourist attractions and then I went to bed.

It was Tuesday and we spent the day exploring Universal Studios.  I decided that we would eat at Louie’s Pizza & Pasta for lunch.  We shared a cheese, pepperoni pizza and each of us had a Pepsi to go with it.  The Universal Tour was cool with the set of Stephen Spielberg’s – War of the Worlds.

I asked, “Michael what did you think of the movie?”

He said, “It wasn’t my favorite.  I liked Jurassic Park better.  I do not know if I can believe in aliens.  I find it easier when something is backed up by facts.”

I said, “Fast and Furious was cool and so was Water World and the Special Effects Stages.

I loved the movie, “The Mummy.”  Someday I wish to be involved in a movie project.”

Michael grinned, “As what?”

I said, “An actress, a small part – just for fun.”

He said, “Maybe I’ll be able to help with that dream someday.”

After we had explored Universal Studios, we headed over to the Universal City Walk.  Michael took me to The John Lovitz Comedy Club for supper.  I ordered the Buffalo chicken Sandwich with fries and a Seagrams Strawberry Daiquiri.  Michael had The Lovitz Burger with fries and a Budweiser Beer.  It was a night of entertainment and fun.  John Lovitz was hilarious!  We enjoyed our evening then went back to the hotel for some much-needed rest.

We woke up early on Wednesday morning and went down to Café Sierra for our complimentary Continental Breakfast in the Hotel.  It took the cab around 30 minutes to reach the airport where Jake met us with a helicopter and 45 minutes later, we arrived at the San Diego International airport.  We caught a cab and arrived at the San Diego Zoo around 15 minutes later.  Not bad our travel time was 1.5 hours.  If you drive in traffic, it can take you up to 4 hours just to get there according to Google Map Information.  I was thankful for Jake’s services.

When we arrived at The San Diego Zoo, I grabbed a map of the grounds.  Michael and I discussed where to start and headed towards the back of the grounds.  We would methodically work our way back to the front entrance.

Shamu the Killer Whale Show was one of my favorites.  We also enjoyed the Pacific Point and Wild Arctic exhibits.  Michael got us a Backstage Pass so we could personally meet the exotic animal stars.  After the show, we went to Sydney’s Grill for lunch.  I had the Charbroiled Chicken with salad and Michael had a bacon cheeseburger with fries.  It is located between the Koala and Rhino zoo exhibits.  Then we enjoyed Panda Canyon, Outback, and Urban Jungle.  There were so many exotic animals from around the world.  Some I had never heard of in my life.

I said, “All creatures, great, and small have something similar or different.  We are all unique in our own special way.”

Michael looked at me and said, “You my dear are very special to me.”

I said, “Ditto.”

We had a few meals on the grounds there and left late in the evening.  It took us about two hours to get back to the hotel because Michael wanted to show me the city at night.  All the lights in the parks and squares, it was beautiful to see.  We fell into bed exhausted and cuddled ourselves to sleep.

On Thursday morning, we had our continental complimentary breakfast again at Café Sierra at the hotel then we headed towards the Six Flags Magic Mountain.  It took about 45 minutes to drive there.  I loved going on the roller coasters and water rides.  There were so many to choose.  We had a late lunch at the Panda Express where they serve Chinese Food.  I was having so much fun.  I wondered if Michael and I would still have fun without all the activities.  I realized it had been a long time since I had any kind of fun and it felt good.  I wondered how this relationship was going to end.  I had my life and Michel had his.  I enjoyed spending time with him, but I was also missing the daily grind of work.  I guess you could call me a workaholic.  Maybe Michael was like that too.

It was bugging me all the way back to the hotel when arrived there an hour later.  Traffic was hectic and Michael was losing patience.  It was surprising because usually he is so calm, cool, and collected.  I could see he had a lot on his mind.  Then I remembered, he could read mine.  He looked at me and smiled but I could see he was not too happy with my doubts.

When we got back to the hotel, we headed out to the hot tub to soak.  I needed to have some time alone to think.  Therefore, I excused myself, got dressed, and went for a walk around the block.  Michael went down to the bar and had a drink.  I went back to the hotel room and went to sleep.  He must have joined me later that evening.

It was the next day when I started to worry about it.  Here is was Friday and I realized that Michael and I had been spending a lot of time together.  I did not think it could last this long.  I have never been able to hang around a person as much as this.  I was surprised when I pulled out my calendar and did the math.  I had been with Michael now for almost two weeks and three days.

That is crazy!  Where did the time go?  I had to get rid of my stress so I put on my yoga clothes and went to the gym to do some stretches.  I found an unoccupied room and decided to do some meditation.  During my early morning meditation, I came to terms with my feelings for Michael.

I was his girlfriend, and we had money, surely, we could make our relationship work somehow.  I was not exactly sure how or what a Movie Producer did.  I was assuming that he would have to go away for long periods.  I was used to dating whomever I wished.  I spent very little time with my lovers — that really had not worked out well for me.  I was constantly feeling lonely and bored at times.

Then Melissa’s words came to mind, “Are you really doing what you want to?  Or are you just pleasing everybody else?”

I was startled when Michael came over and kissed me he said, “You’re worrying about the future aren’t you?”

I said, surprised, “How did you know?”

He whispered, “Because great minds think alike.  I can hear your thoughts loud and clear.  You are thinking about me.  You and I are very much the same.  We value our freedom, were set in our ways and were both used to loving the single life.  We have connected in a deep way and now the vacation is over and we are wondering how to fit our lives together.

I do not want to lose you Rachel.  What we have is something unique and special.  I have never experienced this kind of relationship before and I have never been this intimate with a woman before.  I am almost scared to get back to reality.  I’m afraid I’ll lose you.”

I whispered, “What happened to us?  First, we were platonic friends and within the course of a week, we have become inseparable lovers?  I have never felt this comfortable with a person in my life.  Michael you are like an old shoe that I stepped into and our lives fit right in together.

Now were having reality checks.  How do we both keep our careers and stay together?  I am worried that everyday pressures will tear us apart or even worse — Julie will find a way to separate us just so she can cause me grief.”

I got up off the floor and we headed back to our hotel room.  I could sense that Michael had something on his mind.  I was dreading what he was going to say next.  When we arrived at the room he looked me straight in the eye.  I was terrified at what I saw.

Michael said, “Rachel darling, I don’t know how you have been feeling.  I cannot explain the spiritual connection that we have.  All I know is that I feel this strong set of emotions for you.  I think I have fallen in love with you, but not recently.  I fell in love with you years ago when I read your articles.

I never dreamed you would be the same girl in reality.  Rachel I think being a boyfriend isn’t enough for me — I would like to be your husband — Will you marry me?”

I was shocked and dismayed.  I had seen the love in his eyes but I thought he was only going to ask me to move in with him.  This was the last thing I expected to happen, I panicked.

I said, “I don’t feel comfortable with marriage Michael.  I do not know if I could commit myself to you for life.  I would have to give up my freedom.  I am an independent woman.  I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.  I’m sorry, I can’t do it so the answer is no.”  There I said it.  I was flustered and scared.  I sat there watching Michael.

His demeanor cooled towards me and he said, “As you wish.”

He turned and walked away.  I felt like I had bruised his ego rather badly.  Now what was I going to do to fix it?  Why was it that I always seemed to screw up my personal life?  Every time someone got close to me, I would back away.  I would hide in a corner.  Was it because I was having trouble trusting Michael?

Why the big rush into marriage?  We would have to discuss a pre-marital agreement.  I would have to stay faithful to him for life.  Could I do that?  Would Michael be able to keep me interested?  I honestly could not answer that question and I was not even ready to try.

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