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Chapter 15

The Calamity Girl – The Promotion

I lay around in bed until ten am.  It is Wednesday morning and I remember that I am at Niner Way Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.  I was enjoying listening to my mediation CD and looking at the mountains from my window.  I wondered if we would be able to take a trip to the mountains later that week.

Maybe if Maria were not busy she would be able to go as well.  I went out to the kitchen.  I grabbed the box of honey-nut cheerios and filled the bowl with some milk.

I was crunching away when I noted a newspaper lying on the counter.  I turned to the Horoscope section.

“Gemini – you will go on an adventure today.  Beware of strangers.  Don’t trust everyone.”

I looked at the biorhythms “I’m at a high today.  It’s about time!”

I was grinning from ear to ear when Jake walked in.

He said good morning, grabbed the box of cereal, and headed out to the patio.  I could not believe my eyes.  He was grabbing the cereal right out of the box with his bare hand and eating it dry.

I looked down at my bowl of cereal, headed to the washroom, and dumped it in the toilet.

I looked in the fridge.  Good I can toast a bagel and have some cream cheese and strawberry jam.  I noticed it was homemade strawberry jam.  It had been years since I last ate some homemade jam.

I looked through all the cupboards and could not find the toaster.  I guess my slamming the doors disturbed Michael because he walked into the kitchen looking annoyed.

He went around the corner into a pantry, and brought out a kettle and a toaster.

He apologized, “Sorry, Maria probably forgot that we had a new guest.  Oh yeah and Jake likes to eat out of the box of cereal so if you want there is some mini boxes of cereal in the pantry as well.

I should have given you a tour of the house so you can get an idea of what our routines are around here.  I forgot it was your first time here.  I know it sounds strange but when I first met you it was like I had known you for years.”

I said, “Thanks I’m sorry for disturbing the peace.  I didn’t mean to be a bother to you.”

Michael said, “Oh I’m sorry, it wasn’t you, it’s this dam script I’m working on.  I am suffering from writers block today.  That’s why I was annoyed; I could never be angry with you dear.”

I grinned, “Give us a few days together and we’ll see if that stays the same.”

Michael grinned, “You know if you ever get bored you can ask Jake to teach you how to fly or you can go horse back riding if you want.  There are trails along the mountains, but you will need a native guide to go there.  Surprising enough it looks spacious in these parts but it is a tourist area, so there are many things to see and do here.

You can get Tonto the Native man to take you trail riding.  He is my horse’s groom but he is a fine guide as well, he is usually here at five am sharp and leaves by eight am.  He works at several ranches.  If you want to go riding, you need to give him twenty-four hours notice.

He does trail rides for some of the local resorts in the area, so if he has a horse available he can squeeze you in.

Now let us go down the hall here and this is the main living room.  Feel free to roam the house as you please.  This is my office if the door is closed it means I do not want to be disturbed.  Now this room here is the library.  You will also find a large catalogue of DVDS to choose from they are all in alphabetical order of course.

They are divided into sections and the shelf pulls out from the wall like an accordion.  I have my library books catalogued as well.  There is an online catalogue in this computer here.  You can also use this to do your blogs in the mornings if you wish.  Usually Jake likes to chat online at night.  Will that be a problem?”

I said “No I can always use my own computer and just put the files on my flash drive and than transfer them to your computer.  Do you have Microsoft Office?”

Michael smiled, “I have the CD maybe you can load it for me?”

I said, “Sure I can do that now if you’d like?”

He said, “Come back to my office.”

We walked down the long hallway.  Now I knew how Michael stayed in shape.  Just walking from one end to the other took about twenty minutes.

Michael said, “Usually I wear a pair of runners around here, it stops my feet from getting sore.”

I said, “I need to grab a pair in town today.  I was going to get a pair of moccasins too.”

Michael said, “It’s a good idea to have slippers for at night time.  The floors get kind of cold here.”

We grabbed the CD and soon I was loading the Microsoft Office program onto the computer.  I decided to browse through his library books to see what was there.

He had books on Astrology, Art, Pilates, and Yoga.  I grabbed the Yoga book and I was in the process of trying some of the moves on the floor when I heard Michael chuckling behind me.

He said, “You’re very flexible.  How long have you been doing Yoga for?”

I said, “Several months now.”

Michael got down on the floor and started doing some difficult moves.

I said, “I see I’m not the only one that is flexible.  How long have you been doing it for?”

Michael said “Most of my life.  I usually get up first thing in the morning and do a few stretches.  I do a bit of meditation and prayer then I start work.

I said, “Who do you pray too?”

He said, “Just to the Universe.  I ask for wisdom.  I center my thoughts.”

I said, “That’s cool.  I meditate too.  I like refreshing my brain on a daily basis.  I find it helps to reduce stress.”

Michael said, “My family suffers from high blood pressure.  I found that mediation helps me avoid that problem.  You know with all the health benefits I am surprised that most people don’t even try it.”

I said, “Yeah they can’t sit still for five minutes and do nothing.  Maybe they associate it with punishment.  Like when you are a kid and you are told to go sit in the corner on a chair and be quiet.  I used to fidget so much; I’d always have to sit twice as long.”

Michael grinned, “My parents didn’t believe in discipline.  I think that’s why we were such hell raisers when we were young.”

I asked, “Who was the worst, you, or David?”

Michael said, “I was the most adventurous.  David was more the quiet follower.  He would be at my disposal and to this day, he still is.  I’ve always been a leader while David is a follower.”

I looked at the computer, “Well it’s all set now.  Here is your CD.  Are you going into town now?”

Michael nodded, “Did you have a place in mind?”

I said, “Yes actually I want to go to Cowtown Boots first then head over to one of the local attractions.”

Michael nodded, “You know I could use a pair of cowboy boots myself.”

We got into a silver jaguar and Michael drove us over to North Casa Grande Hwy to Cowtown Boots.  I was enjoying the desert view along with the different types of cacti.

I said, “It must be nice, not having to mow a lawn.”

Michael said, “Not really that sand blows around when it’s windy.  It is like living on a beach all the time.  If your air conditioning breaks down you are screwed.  I always have two.  If one breaks down, I switch over to the other system.”

I asked, “How often does Jake stay at your place?”

Michael said, “He works part-time now, they cut back his hours.  He happened to have a week off so I invited him to stay.  We will not see much of him.  He has many friends down here.”

I said, “Remind me to buy a disposable camera.”

Michael said, “I have a better idea, buy a small digital card and you can use mine.  Then you can load the pictures up on the net.”

I said, “I promised Lori I’d send her a post card.  I cannot get any reception at all on my cell phone.  I should really switch to an international service.  I just started travelling this year.”

Michael looked surprised.

I said, “I was busy in University for a few years getting a degree in business and marketing.  My father died a few years ago.  It took me a while to get over his death we were close.  I do not have much of a relationship with my mother or my sister.  It is their choices not mine; sometimes it bothers me.

Melissa is upset with me for running those stories and revealing the bastard child.  I had to be careful; I didn’t want Drew suing me for slander.”

Michael said, “Were here.”

We got out and walked into the store.  I was impressed with the large selection of boots.  I decided I wanted a tan color set so it would match with just about any type of outfit.  Michael chose a brown and black pair.

We even purchased cowboy hats. He got a brown and black suede set and I got a wicker hat.

We got into the car and Michael said, “Would you like to visit the Tucson Botanical Garden’s?

I said, “Sure I love plants and things.”

We drove over there in silence, happy to be in each others company. We arrived just before the next tour began.  It was interesting to see the various types of cacti, trees, and native and ornamental gardens.

I also enjoyed the Historical gardens.  The fresh smell of oxygen was making me feel very much alive and hungry.  We decided to try a restaurant called “Go to the Loop Taste of Chicago” and have a burger and fries.  It was a nice restaurant and it still felt strange to see nothing but desert, cacti and the mountains off in the distance.

I said to Michael, “Have you ever tried line dancing?”

Michael laughed, “Years ago I did once with David.  That boy has two left feet.  Every girl complained about her toes being stomped on; it was brutal.”

I said, “Well there is a place called the Cactus Moon Café, it’s located at the William Center. They have line dancing lessons from 6:30-7:30 pm?”

Michael grinned, “I suggest we put on our dancing boots pretty lady and give them a whirl.”

I smiled ruefully, “I can’t say I’m much of a dancer.  I tried it once and could not keep up.  But it’s something fun to do and it will give me something to write about.”

Michael pulled into a corner store, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

He came out with a silly grin and said, “I bought a disposable camera.  We missed taking pictures at the gardens.  I want something to remember our first night out on the town.”

I felt warm as my face turned red.  Why was I feeling all giddy inside?

Michael was contagious.  I was having so much fun with him.  I could tell he was enjoying my company as well.  We walked into the bar and sat down.

Michael ordered a beer and I ordered a wine cooler.  Then he snapped a picture of me.  One of the locals took pictures of us then handed back the camera.

Michael said, “My treat tonight.”

I did not argue, tomorrow I would ask him if I could treat him out for a change.  I was not sure how he would feel about it.  If he were going to hang out with me, he would soon learn that I believed in equal rights.

We sat and watched the first song and then Michael grabbed my hand, “Come on Rachel, we can do this.”

I was grinning from ear to ear as we tried to keep up during the lessons.

After the hour’s lesson, we had learned a few of the dance steps but both of us were tired.  We went and sat down and Michael ordered another round of drinks for us.

I said, “You know what I’m going to want to do tonight.”

Michael paused for a moment and huskily said, “What?”

I said, “I call dibs on the hot tub.  I’m going to have to soak my aching body before bed time.”

Michael just sat there with a silly grin on his face then he whispered, “Sounds great to me.  Will that be with bathing suits on or off?”

I grinned and smacked him, “You naught boy!  So you like skinny-dipping too eh.  What about Jake?”

Michael said, “He won’t be there tonight.  He’s going to his friends place for the night.”

I said, “Oh is he going to a party?”

Michael said, “No he’s going to get laid.  She is one of his many lovers.  He’s got one in every port.”

I giggled and then jokingly I asked, “Do you have one in every port too?”

Michael gave me a wicked smile, “Do you think I should?”

I said, “That’s up to you!  Women can be high maintenance though.”

Michael said, “Yes that’s true.  That is why I avoid them at all costs.  Usually they annoy me.  You on the other hand have cast a spell over me.  I haven’t minded your company one bit!”

I said, “Well that’s nice to know that I’m wanted and appreciated.”

Michael’s eyes turned smokey and seductive as he said, “You’re definitely wanted and needed.”

Then he realized what he had said and turned red with embarrassment, “Sorry the beers talking.  How did we get on this crazy subject anyway?”

I said, “I don’t know but you started on about Jake and it took off from there.”

Michael said, “Let’s dance!”

So we got up and tried again to follow the crowd.  Then the music slowed and we were dancing as a couple.  Our bodies were close now.  I could feel the alcohol warming my blood, or was it the touch of Michael’s warm hand on my back?

His hands were gently caressing me.  I could see he was like me, toss back a few drinks and become sexually charged.  Tonight would become a problem if we kept touching each other.

I could hear his breathing quicken as I brushed my hand on his back.  I was beginning to feel and sense a sexual tension building up between the two of us.

The song ended and Michael asked if I would like to go home now.  Home that sounded nice; was it a slip of the tongue?  On the other hand, was it just the alcohol talking?  We were quiet on the way back.  Michael had some tunes playing in the background, I wondered if he was serious about skinny-dipping.  When he came out with just a towel wrapped, abound his waist I knew then that he was.

He said, “It’s not often I get the luxury of being alone in the tub.  I do not mind sharing my secret moments with a beautiful woman like you.  Besides, it bubbles up pretty good in the tub.  We will not see anything.

He said it as he dropped down into the water and whipped the towel onto the deck.

I was impressed.  I went back inside, removed my bathing suit, wrapped a towel around myself, and headed back to the tub.

Michael averted his eyes while I got into the water.  He was being a total gentleman and yet we were both horny and sitting in a hot tub completely naked.  I was looking up at the stars when Michael slid over beside me.

He asked, “Would it bother you if I kissed you?”

I smiled and leaned towards him.  It was like an electric shock when my breasts rubbed up against his chest.  Then I felt his tender warm lips on mine.

What a connection.  It felt like my blood was pounding in my ears.  It was a sweet, gentle kiss.  Almost tantalizing, then he drew away.  His breathing was ragged as he went back to the other side of the tub.

He looked at me with desire in his eyes and said, “I don’t trust myself.  I become quiet weak when I’ve had a few drinks.”

I said, “I have the same problem.  You know I really enjoyed that kiss.  How was it for you?”

Michaels voice was soft, sensual and husky as he said, “It was heavenly.  I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first day I met you.”

I said, “Really?  Well I do not know if I felt the same.  I do not usually think about romance or kisses.  I was enjoying all the attention you gave me; how you spoiled me by taking care of all my needs except one.”

It was my turn to come up beside Michael.  I looked deep into his eyes and then I kissed him passionately with desire and force.  My hands wrapped around his neck as he picked me up and carried me to his bedroom.

Michael was a slow, passionate lover.  He made sure I was fully satisfied before he finished.  I marveled at his self-control.

He said, “Mediation teaches one to control their physical bodies.”

I smiled as I kissed him tenderly.  He wrapped his arms around me and cuddled me all night.

When we woke up on Thursday morning, Michael was surprised that I was there beside him.  He was looking at me when I woke up.

At first, I was startled then he kissed me slowly, passionately and we made love again.

It felt so good to just lay there and cuddle.  Eventually we both got up and showered together.

Then we wrapped ourselves in robes and we went and had some breakfast, then we went for a dip in the pool.  We were enjoying being naked and we were having fun and we started kissing again.

This time Michael carried me into the washroom by the pool.  I sat on the counter and he stood there making love to me again.  We could not get enough of each other and practically spent the whole day and night in bed, making love repeatedly.  It was on Thursday, late in the afternoon when we decided to go out for a bite to eat.  We went to the Foothills Mall and looked around for a bit.  Then we went to Mount Lemmon, did some horseback riding and hiking on the trails there.  Michael found a secluded spot off the trail and we stared playing around again.  We were necking and he had me standing up against a tree.

I told him nature walks make me horny for some reason.  It was starting to get dark when we headed towards Tucson.

Michael pulled off the main road into a deserted area and we made love there in the car.  A few hours later when we headed to a dance club called Level.  It was a huge bar and they were playing the latest hits.  Michael and I had a few drinks and we were having fun bumping and grinding to the music.  I could feel the tension building between us again.  Michael started kissing me and we went back out to the car and drove down another deserted road.

We made love until the early hours of the morning then he drove us home.  I had become a nympho overnight and Michael commented that he had more sex in the last few days then he has in a month.  We had a shower together then we crawled into bed exhausted.  We slept in on Friday until supper time and got up. Maria had cooked a lovely spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and a Caesar salad.  She had a big smile on her face when she saw the two of us.  We finished eating then Michael decided he wanted to watch a movie.  We started watching the movie, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.”  I was laughing and Michael was laughing at me.

He asked, “Does it remind you of yourself?”

I said, “Not really, I just find it hilarious when she put all her things into his bathroom cabinet.  It is a big turn off for a bachelor to see tampons and maxi pads in his closet.  I’ve never figured that one out.”

Michael grinned and started kissing me, we ended up shutting off the movie, and we went into my room and made love there.  Then we headed out to the hot tub to soak for a bit.

I said, “Let’s watch the rest of the movie.”

Michael sighed, “Okay but tonight I need to get some sleep then in the morning I want to work on my script.  You have inspired me to write again.”

I kissed him and said, “Thanks.”

We finished the movie and Michael followed me to my room.

He said, “Do you want to sleep alone tonight or would you like me to join you in your bed for a change?”

I looked at him and said, “It’s up to you.  I’m enjoying the cuddling.”

He smiled, and we both got into bed.  I was almost asleep.  Michael kept tossing and turning.  He crawled up behind me and I could feel the tension in his body.  This time I did something different.

I was too sore to have sex so I gave him oral sex instead.  He enjoyed it then asked if I would like some too.

I said, “Honey you’ve given me lots this week, I’m kind of sore.  I need to rest.”

He smiled and kissed me, “I can kiss it better?”

I said, “Okay, but be gentle.”

I knew he had to feel like he had done something nice for me.  I did not realize how much I would enjoy having him again.  I had waves of orgasms all over my body rocking me like never before.

He came up, kissed me, and said, “Now I’ll be a good boy and go to sleep.”

He wrapped his arms about me and hugged me all night long.

True to his word, he got out of bed around five am on Saturday, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek then he disappeared into his office.  I enjoyed sleeping in late.  I went and had some breakfast then I walked by his office door.

It was 12:30 pm and his door had not moved.  I knew Michael would be busy writing.  I left him a note.  I took my list of directions from Google, grabbed the car keys, and drove myself to the Continental Ranch Shopping Center.

I bought several pieces of lingerie and some more casual clothes.  I also found a few more bikinis.  One was tan, brown and gold with Arizona printed on it with little cactuses.

The other was a floral print a bright pink, yellow and green a shiny material.  I was beginning to tan nicely.  I enjoyed a nice lunch in the food court.  I had chicken parmesan with pasta and garlic bread.  I came back home around six pm and Michael’s office door was still closed.

Maria had made us a roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots.

Maria said, “Michael plans to write all night.  He needs to get his script done.  He told me to say thank you for the inspiration and he promises to take you to lunch tomorrow after one pm.

I said, “Thanks Maria.  I was wondering if I might treat you to the local spa tomorrow morning.  I would like to have some female companionship.”

Maria was excited, “Tomorrow morning?  What time?”

I said, “I made two appointments for ten am.  I figured you’d say yes.”

Maria had the biggest smile on her face.  She went home and I decided to go and watch a movie in the living room.

Michael had come out of his office and walked into the kitchen to have a bite to eat.  When he was finished, he came into the living room and gave me a kiss.

He said, “Honey I’m taking a break.  Can you come give me a massage?  My shoulders are aching.”

I said, “Sure I’d love to.”

I turned off the television and followed him into the bedroom.

I was planning to give him a massage instead; he pulled off my clothes and started pleasuring me.

He said, “I wanted to reward you for letting me work on my script undisturbed.”

I said, “I need to feel you in me.  I’m still tender though.”

Michael took it easy on me.  I had really missed him and he knew it.  He was kissing me passionately and just laying there in my arms, when he dosed off.

I laid there enjoying his warm mouth sucking on my breast.  He was like a baby in my arms.  He woke up a few hours later, kissed me and went back to work on his script. I decided to watch the rest of my movie and then I went to bed.

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