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Chapter 11

The Calamity Girl – The Promotion

I called Melissa, “I got here earlier then planned, and I am heading to your place now.  I should be there in less than an hour depending on the traffic.”

Melissa said, “That’s fine.  I am just watching a movie on TV.  Are you hungry?  I made a big pot of chili.”

I said, “I’m famished, I’ve been running on empty now for the past few days.”

Melissa said, “Okay I’ll talk to you when you get here.”

I figured I would get to Melissa’s place before 7:30 pm.  It seemed like time stood still while driving through the busy streets of New York City to get to Melissa’s place.

Watching the lights come on throughout the city’s maze of buildings and smog.  I did not know how my sister could stand all the hustle and bustle, the city that never sleeps.

A city with many cultural events, you could hear the sounds of jazz bands playing as we drove down the street at a snails pace.

My driver said, “Construction, I hate it!”

I smiled and nodded my head in agreement.  My head was throbbing.  It had been quite awhile since I had seen my sister.  The last time had been rather unpleasant.  I tried to offer her some of father’s money but she refused to take it.  She never really liked him; she was bitter because he was never home when she was little and he treated her badly.

My sister and I were complete opposites.  We came from two different fathers.  Our mother had an affair and Melissa was the result.  Father held a sort of bitterness towards her because of it.  He once referred to her as “the bastard child.”

That had ended their relationship when she was only thirteen.

Melissa finally understood why her Father had not shown her much love.  She became difficult and rebellious after that.  She would often run away to a friends place or go hang out with the artsy, yuppie crowd.

She had moved in with her artistic designer boyfriend at age fifteen, he was thirty.  We found out three years ago that Father cut Melissa out of his will.  She did not attend the funeral. It was on Melissa’s twenty-first birthday that I had offered to invest in her and help her start her own company.  She refused; she did not want any of my father’s money or mine.

She had always been jealous me.  Now that she was starting on her road to success she seemed more open to see me and this time she accepted my monetary gift.  I guess that at twenty-four she was starting to grow up.

I am twenty–seven now and I was very mature as a child.  After being raised around adults I prefer being in their company.  I used to be jealous of my sisters easygoing attitude.  She always had a slew of friends her own age.  I only had a few choice friends.  Once they had gone off to college, we drifted apart.  I inherited billions from his estate.

In some ways, Lori was more of a sister to me than Melissa was.  I came out of my revere when the cab pulled up to Melissa’s place.  He pulled out my luggage for me and I paid him.

He said, “Thanks Lady for the tip!  I don’t get those too often.”

I smiled, turned, grabbed my stuff, walked up the stairs, took a deep breath, and knocked on Melissa’s door…

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