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Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013

October 22, 2013

Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013

Oct 15, 2013
My night at Nuit Blanche the art in order of appearance:
Tanks by Boris Achour,
Forever Bicycles by Ai Weiwei.
Parallax by Idea Tank Design Collective
Ferris Wheel by Katharine Harvey.
A Quack Cure by Lisa Hirmer.
There is An Elephant In The Truck by Laurence Vallieres.
Pink Punch v.2 by Polymetis, Michael MacLeod, Nicholas Croft.
Hybrid Globe by Arthur Wigglesworth, Mohammad Mendi Ghiyaei, Mojtabi Samimi.
My Virtual Dream by My Virtual Dream Team
Mariner 9 2012 by Kelly Richardson.
Garden Tower in Toronto by Tadashi Kawamata.
Campfire by David Hoffos
The Rose is Without Why by Boris Achour.
X Static Clown Factory by Ruth Spitzer, Claire Ironside.
Untitled by Jun Kaneko 2002 (Big Head Outside @ The Gardiner Museum)
Clothesline Canopy by Sherri Newman, Tara Gaskin, Kristiana Schuhmann, Zack Eisenstein, Selen Levi, Megan Carroll, Sam Bruegger, and William Vachon
Night Shift by Brendan Fernandes in collaboration with Michael Trent Dancemakers and the Performers
Parallax by Idea Tank Design Collective
Music is Dorval by Julia Kent

I don’t own the copyrights it is just a fun fan video


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