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Sarah Dussault, How Are You So Sexy? with Carey Reilly

March 15, 2013

Sarah Dussault, How Are You So Sexy? with Carey Reilly

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Carey heads to Boston to spend a day with Sarah Dussault, the YouTube guru behind Sarah Fit, a popular fitness channel she films right in her apartment. Will Carey uncover the secret behind Sarah’s passion and learn what makes her so sexy? Find out now!

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Sexy is more than just looking hot, it’s a mind, body and spirit connection that few people embody. On How Are You So Sexy? host and comedian Carey Reilly is talking to some of the sexiest people around to find out their secrets to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She’s also gathering their tips to get some of their sexiness for herself! Subscribe to 3V for a new episode every Monday, as Carey asks these models of perfection the big question on everyone’s mind: How Are You So Sexy?


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