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MANNY MONDAYS (week 9) “Bugatti Bodied” Hip Hop Rap Music Videos

March 12, 2013

MANNY MONDAYS (week 9) “Bugatti Bodied” Hip Hop Rap Music Videos


yt notes

EVERY MONDAY Man-u-iLL is dropping an exclusive track, whether it be something brand new or unreleased from his collection of music. This will last up until the release of his next project, “I Sample So What! The Man-u-iLL Edition” Which is a branch off long time friend and Producer Firzt Born’s instrumental mixtape that was released sometime back and can be found on For more info and music please visit be sure to drop a comment and share if you like what you hear. Thanx for the time.

Connecticut I Got US!!!

More Music 2 come soon! Stay Tuned!!!

the idea girl says

going back to previous submissions to grab more videos.


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