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Fun Halloween Drinks & Cocktails – Bride of Frankenstein Video

October 4, 2012

Fun Halloween Drinks & Cocktails – Bride of Frankenstein Video

Our guest is Keiko Cakes Kawamura! iluvcakes623 on youtube

Get a dry martini glass and you can add a glow stick or ring for Halloween effect. Fill a pint glass with about half way with ice. Pour 2 oz of Vodka or any infused vodka of your preference and then add 1 oz of Blue Curacao. Shake vigorously and then strain into martini glass with the glow stick.

Drop in one or two small chunks of dry ice for added spooky effect. The dry ice will sink to the bottom and stick to the glass. When drinking it is safe just be aware that if the dry ice is not stuck that you should not let the dry ice in your mouth.


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