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[VIXX] SUPER HERO 뮤직비디오( [VIXX] SUPER HERO Official Music Video ) Korean POp Rock Dance Music Videos Writers typing tunes

May 25, 2012

[VIXX] SUPER HERO 뮤직비디오( [VIXX] SUPER HERO Official Music Video ) Korean POp Rock Dance Music Videos Writers typing tunes

the idea girl says

rachel is sleeping today.. instead i worked on figuring out what my area 51 characters names will be in the aliens of lamat novels.

I looked up baby names for american, chinese, german and russian… I need to do french and phillipine girls names now…

I make a list of all the things i have to do then write beside it what needs to be done.

my page says

all over it lol

things I do not know i GOOGLE….

and then I forget where I put it HAH!

this week is korean pop rock dance music

all new songs for north american’s to listen too and any other “country” visitors that love this style of music

i love it

i’m blogging writers typing tunes lists so when I type up my novels and blogs I have something to listen too

every day or week I create a new playlist

to see it all go to my twitter @theideagirl

i blog a song on a different wordpress blog every day i have about 10 of them.

so 1 hour of music for you to work with!

[VIXX] SUPER HERO 뮤직비디오( [VIXX] SUPER HERO Official Music Video )

2012년 5월 24일!
실력과 비쥬얼 그 가치까지 모두, 데뷔 전부터2012년 최고의 신인 기대주로
알려지며 주목받아온 6인조 아이돌 그룹 VIXX(빅스)가 드디어 데뷔!
세상을 놀라게 할 첫 싱글앨범 [SUPER HERO] M/V 전격 공개!!
트렌디한 Synth 코드 패턴에 세련되고 중독적인 멜로디가 더해져 팝스러운 느낌이 물씬 풍기는 VIXX의 첫번째 싱글 앨범 SUPER HERO.
음악과 함께 최고의 K-pop스타들의 뮤직비디오 메가폰을 잡은 홍원기 감독의 작품으로, 멋지고 세련된 영상미가 더욱 VIXX를 빛나게 한다.

A New idol group presented by Jellyfish Entertainment VIXX!!
VIXX 1st Single Debut Album “SUPER HERO” released On May, 24th 2012.
6 boys who has recognition for the best Voice, Visual and Value, VIXX!
K-pop Best Music Video Director Wonki Hong Shoot the Music Video!

世界に向かったファーストシングル「SUPER HERO」でPV大公開!

more link about VIXX
→ Official Hompage :
→ Official YouTube Channel :

→ Facebook :
→ Twitter :
→ Fan Cafe :


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