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B.A.P – WARRIOR (워리어) M/V Korean Pop Rock Music Videos

May 24, 2012

B.A.P – WARRIOR (워리어) M/V Korean Pop Rock Music Videos

the idea girl says

shocker i just went to blog here and it says i’m in korean would i like to translate this page? lol


i’m writing in english and put a few words in korean from the youtube notes ( i don’t know korean.. not one word!)

and I never thought of it being translated.

I have a lot of asian guests visiting my blogs here in canada.

Many of our students at niagara college and brock university in st catharines are either chinese, japanese or columbian, east indian or muslim people.

I always feel like im in another country when i go downtown most of the shops are thai, chinese and japanese now.

I always say hello and welcome them to canada with a BIG smile 🙂


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