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Orange Caramel(등자초당) – Magic Girl Korean Pop Rock Dance Music Videos

May 20, 2012

Orange Caramel(등자초당) – Magic Girl Korean Pop Rock Dance Music Videos

MV in Full High Definition in 1080p aspect ratio. This song is performed by Orange Caramel which is the first sub group from After School. Orange Caramel are going for the cutesy image and the video for their first single ‘Magic Girl’ makes this obvious. The MV features Kang Min Hyuk (강민혁) from CN.Blue. I think that Nana is both hot and cute and that she fits well with this concept. Though she still makes a great impact vying for the sexy image. Lizzy is the same as Nana and for once has had the chance to showcase your vocal abilities. Though the song doesn’t showcase it extremely well, it’s something right? Raina has such powerful vocals and it can be shown in a cutesy song which is amazing. The choreography is rather simple but they make it effective. Orange Caramel, Nana, Lizzy and Raina fighting!

Pledis, After School, Orange Caramel.


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