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The Greatest Food & Travel: East Village, NYC, USA with CiCi Li! So amazing!

March 19, 2012

The Greatest Food & Travel: East Village, NYC, USA with CiCi Li! So amazing!

visiting the greenwich area of new york city try this place out.. ci ci li recommends this restaurant for you to enjoy 😉

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Today CiCi is exploring the East Village, a part of Greenwich Village containing a little Japantown area, and many hidden treasures to discover and share.

She began the day with “Cha-An,” a very special teahouse, where the traditional tea ceremony is performed with great care and artistry. Upstairs is a little oasis from the busy streets, so the spiritual nature of the tea ceremony can be enjoyed. CiCi’s new friend and neighborhood tour guide, Mr. Bon Yagi taught her about the ceremony.

Back on the busy street, CiCi’s visited “Luke’s Lobster” to try their Lobster Rolls. Luke’s family are lobster fishermen from Maine; a state famous for lobster. The rolls are packed with tons of fresh lobster, butter, and special sauce.

Afterward, CiCi walked with Mr. Yagi around the neighborhood learning about its history, including a memorial site for Commodore Perry one could easily pass without noticing.

For lunch, CiCi and Mr. Yagi went to his restaurant, “Shabu Tatsu” for shabu-shabu, which means “swish-swish.” This is a special kind of hot pot cooking where you swish thinly sliced meats and vegetables in a hot pot of water at the table, and then swish them again in sauces like sesame sauce for seasoning.

After lunch, CiCi walked around some more, and was drawn to a delicious aroma coming from the “Chikalicious Dessert Bar.” CiCi loves dessert, and along with the light and delicate green tea shaved ice, she sampled the chocolate mousse cake.

For dinner, CiCi and her friends joined Mr. Yagi once again at the “Hasaki” wine and sake bar. “Hasaki” is decorated in a unique Japanese Kitsch style, with masks, labels, and patron signatures on the walls. Mr. Yagi taught them about how sake is made.

After her day in the East Village, CiCi reflected on Japanese traditions and food, as well as the special dessert and lobster rolls. Once again, New York offered such diversity and cultural exploration.

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