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The Best Meatball Lobsters in Soho New York City, Food & Travel with CiCi Li!

March 19, 2012

The Best Meatball Lobsters in Soho New York City, Food & Travel with CiCi Li!

ci ci li shows you all the best places to go in different cities on her youtube travels.

Stay in touch on Facebook! New York City native Ed McFarland had never eaten a lobster until he was seventeen, but growing up in a family that was passionate about gardening and good food fostered his love of all things home-grown and delicious.

Ed’s humble beginnings in Staten Island pizzeria kitchens were soon overshadowed as he moved on to work in some of New York’s most esteemed restaurants. He graduated from the French Culinary Institute in 1995 and quickly began learning from some of New York’s best, including Sotha Kuhn at Le Cirque and Dave Pasternak at Terence Brennan’s Picholine.

As he began to master cooking techniques, he became drawn to the delicateness and simplicity of seafood and eventually settled down at West Village mainstay Pearl Oyster Bar, where he worked as sous chef for over six years and deepened his knowledge of New England cuisine and Northeast seafood culture. In 2007, Ed’s long-awaited dream became a reality. Ed’s Lobster Bar is the culmination of his years of study and apprenticeship combined with his family food experiences and dedication to garden fresh produce. Using his own home-grown vegetables and herbs in the summer months and drawing from his Italian heritage for specials like lobster meatballs, Ed has created a truly unique spin on New England seafood.

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