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Driven By The Will Of Self (With Lyrics in Description) – D.I.S.L. Automatic hip hop rap music new 2012 lyrics karaoke

January 19, 2012

Driven By The Will Of Self (With Lyrics in Description) – D.I.S.L. Automatic hip hop rap music new 2012 lyrics karaoke

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Now if you ever had a feeling that you can’t deny / That made you throw your hands up high / To try and fly and grab the sky / Without you understanding why / Then amplify that feeling by a million maybe the you’ll know / The feeling I be getting when I’m killing shit with every flow / Now you just do you I’ma do me / Life is filled with all this beauty / All I truly wanna do is answer to my call of duty / That which is my destiny / Rapping is what set me free / Sinthesis and DISL on a track produced by Keni G / They enemy’s my enemy / Yeah we go to war together / Side by side and we providing shelter from the stormy weather / Yes I made some changes in my life but only for the better / Now I am the one the time has come I feel it more than ever / I came to lock the throne / The game I got it sewn / I got my family with me so I know I’m not alone / You give your dog a bone / Thats what my sister said / Give me a microphone and rappers gone get ripped to shreds / Night of the living dead / Rise of the buried zombies / They cannot harm me I’m protected by the pharaohs army / I swear to God I am a man of my words / Giving up is not an option I would rather die first / This my U n I verse and I weave my own reality / Imagination is my thread my life is the tapestry / They asking me how can it be that gravity can’t hold me down / Time could never slow me down / Don’t worry cause its over now / Actually it just begun / Can’t you see I’m number one / Things you deem impossible are things that I do just for fun / I hug the sun kiss the moon juggle stars and walk on water / My brain has manifested anything I ever thought of / I built this Heaven that I live in and thats real as hell / D.I.S.L. Automatic I AM DRIVEN BY THE WILL OF SELF!!!


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