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Turtleneck and Chain ft. Snoop Dogg Parody – Purple Check and Cane ft. Snoopy Dog – hip hop rap new music TheKnightimeProject youtube fan video dec 2011

December 14, 2011

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Turtleneck and Chain ft. Snoop Dogg Parody – Purple Check and Cane ft. Snoopy Dog – hip hop rap new music TheKnightimeProject youtube fan video dec 2011


the idea girl says

love the creativity in the video, vocals are right on and love the music you did for it.. awesome job.

posting this on linkedin love this new artists vocals from the UK.

andy samberg and the lonely island crew recording new track jack sparrow hip hop rap music artists

notes from youtube:

This is a fan made video – The Knightime Project has no affiliation with The Lonely Island

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Original composition ©The Lonley Island

This version © The Knightime Project 2011

All music reprogrammed by The Knightime Project

Hey guys!

I hope you enjoy my parody of the fabulous Lonely Island track from the self titled ‘Turtleneck and Chain’– if you haven’t got yourself a copy (and why not?), head over to their website and pick one up now –

Now this is the one track that I’ve had the most request to make an instrumental for, but due to an ‘incident’ which happened in Summer 2011 (details will follow in a separate video!), I won’t be making available just yet.

Suffice it to say I WILL make it available as and when the Dudes make the video for the original track – which I’m sure they will!

However, and now the ball is in your court, if you help me out by sharing this video with everyone you know and it reaches every person and nation under the sun (:D!), I’ll release it as a Youtube karaoke video (albeit with a static background).

So please like, favourite, comment and subscribe, and I promise I’ll keep you all posted.

(Please do not send me message asking for this track — if you like what I do and subscribe to my channel you will know when it becomes available)

Some background info…

To date this track has taken me the longest to remake. The track sounds simple enough, right? WRONG! There were some sounds (like the intro synth riff), that took almost 2 weeks of sound audition until I found the ‘right’ ones. The Dudes also used what I can only describe as a ‘Sonar’ sound, and it wasn’t until the last minute that I found something remotely similar buried away in one of my VSTis!

The vocals were a nightmare to get right. I always thought I could used audio editing software to render pitches of my vocals to sound like theirs, but the more I tried the more I failed :(! In the end I had to use a live pitch changing plugin to change THEIR pitched vocals (so I could get the right vocal ‘key’), then ‘sing’ along to that! All in all there are around 40 different vocal edits in my paroday, and the lyrics took 2 weeks of recording and editing to ‘get right’.

There’s a whole lot more to the track than that, more than I can put in this description. I plan to show how I remake my Lonely Island instrumentals during 2012 so stay tuned!

Thanks for all your support during 2011 – I wouldn’t be doing what I do if it wasn’t for you guys!!!



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