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Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking (1966 ) pop rock music live videos The Brewer Boys X Factor Advice

October 26, 2011

Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking (1966 ) pop rock music live videos

the brewer boys and rachel crow should be in a mtv music styled tv show with nickelodeon fans to enjoy as a spin off from their performances on the x factor usa tv show october 2011.

the idea girl says

watching the x factor reminds me of paula abdul’s choreography for The Brewer Boys who have a great career in front of them

see many of you artists think it’s over after the tv show ends.. that’s where your very wrong…

first of all you’ve met about 13 major record producers while on the show, from artists, to choreographers and singing coaches.. they all have connections with the music industry

then you have the 30 million or so fans who watch the tv show

so what you do is write a song, make a video and release a single asap on youtube put a link to an i tunes or cd baby and start selling your own tunes..

in no time as you grow as a performer and get more experience under your belt, you will get more gigs and invites to all sorts of tv shows as interviews, music productions and community events all over the world…
The Brewer Boys nathan needs to believe in himself and not worry about making it on the show, in fact from what i’ve seen loads of people that leave shows get a recording contract and make loads more moola then if they had actually won the show.. 😉

rachel-crow-promo-pic fox tv the x factor great for a tv show with the brewer boys on nickelodeon comedy music singing styles

the brewer boys justin 17 left nathan 14 right are ready for a MTV Nickelodeon Singing TV Show along with Rachel Crow from X FActor


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