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Divine Ascension – As The Truth Appears…Preview, metal, rock, music, australia, video 2011

September 8, 2011

the idea girl says

cool new band here, first time on my blogs.

One of Australia’s finest female fronted metal acts, Divine Ascension have proven to be an awe-inspiring live act lead by the powerful, emotive performance of Jennifer Borg.

Two years on from the demo recording and a ‘baptism of fire’ touring the local scene, Divine Ascension has produced their full-length debut album. With 12 tracks totalling 60 minutes of music, this release, due April 2011, is bound to receive global attention and see the band obtaining a place as one of the world’s best emerging female fronted metal acts. This will not only allow Divine Ascension to storm onto the international metal scene, but will continue to cast the global metal spotlight on the shores of Australia. Many great Australian bands have gone before and are still showing their wares on the international stages, keeping Australia in the hearts of many metal fans as a continuing source of outstanding music.

Divine Ascension is gearing up to show the world they mean business and their debut album will be their spearhead. Join them on their expedition and experience Divine Ascension.


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