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Betty’s Kitchen Youtube – Brunch at Jean Farris Winery with Rick –NO RECIPE –Richmond and Kentucky in Madison Country, Lexington Kentucky, Fayette County

August 1, 2011

Betty’s Kitchen Youtube –  Brunch at Jean Farris Winery with Rick –NO RECIPE –Richmond and Kentucky in Madison Country, Lexington Kentucky, Fayette County



On weekends and during holiday time I always share Betty’s Kitchen Youtube videos on my writing food cookery blog

I decided to share one of her travel – restaurant review videos on here since this is my international travel blog news.

Not only does Betty and Rick give you a tour inside a restaurant.  She tells you about the various items on the menu.

Later she returns home and creates one of the recipes for us to learn to make.

Following her since she started, Betty’s developed a huge audience of over 20,000 views on some of her recipes.

She also has a recipe book about her first year of video blogging with recipes in it.

Check it out and comment.

Let her know the idea girl sent ya. 🙂


notes from betty:


In this video, Betty and her husband, Rick, have brunch at Jean Farris Winery. Jean Farris Winery is located between Richmond, Kentucky (in Madison Country, where we live) and Lexington, Kentucky (a larger city that is in the next county over, Fayette County). The winery contains several plots of grapevines, which you will see in this video. There is also a Bistro, where you can have dinner any night of the week and brunch on a couple of days of the week.

We chose to have brunch, with my brunch being Quiche, a Field Greens Salad and fresh Strawberries on the side. Rick had Crab Cakes Benedict, with home-cured Crisp Bacon and Cheddar Cheese Grits. We shared a Bourbon Pecan Tart and came home with an unopened bottle of Jean Farris Dolce Blush wine. We had a wonderful time at Jean Farris Winery, and we hope you will try it out, if you are in the vicinity! I will be making a recipe that will be similar to one of the items on our menu. Love, Betty 🙂



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