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Not In2 It (Original), alternative, rock, writers, typing, tunes, music, arts, film, animation, movies

June 16, 2011

Not In2 It (Original), alternative, rock, writers, typing, tunes, music, arts, film, animation, movies

i wonder who does the art work for their videos
it’s quiet imaginative
i can see that in children’s books and films.
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I’m not into thinking I’ve got problems that are way to big to fix. Man, I’ll do what it takes to solve them. And I’m not into feeling pain as recreation so I’ll stay happy instead and let it sweep the emo nation like it do. Hey how bout you? I was thinking maybe I could take a long vacation free from angry teens and tight fit jeans. It’s a crazed infatuation with being strange. But they’re all same.

CHORUS: I’m free from the latest craze and I think it might surprise you. You can give it all you’ve got and still not smile as wide as I do (For all you’re dollars spent you still don’t have the joy that I do). When the sun sets on today and you’re holding yourself trial thinking difference is conformity, not bliss ( Where is the life I tried to live/ Where is the candle that I lit?).You’ll wanna take it all back and say I’m just not that into it (just not that into it).

I’m not into this developed sense of greed that turn you human into zombies, all you wanna do is feed. And after, who’s left? Somebody’s gotta pay the price. Well it’s your friends and it’s your family. They think that it’d be nice if you were there. Guess you never cared. Well you might blink once and all the good things could be gone. Then just one last time you close your eyes, man, where’d it go so wrong? Did I miss it all? Now the curtain falls.


I’m not into the things that drive us crazy. You can chase them to the grave and only then do you think maybe if we slowed down, foused on whats most important. Reorganize, prioritize, we’d end up with much more than a bag of dreams tearing at the seems.


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