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Rachel Tornquist – Developing, Researching her Character Oct 3, 2010

January 28, 2011

rachel-tornquist-the-calamity girl character profile

Rachel Tornquist was a ten year study. I actually dated off and on within that time period to research how this character would be in true life. I often told people this but they didn’t believe me. Now they know I was telling the truth.

I want Rachel “my fictional character” to seem real, so I studied human interaction, dating, single life and kept it all up in my noggin. Now I write about my experiences in my novels with a fictional twist.

You will not be told what is true or fiction, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Rachel’s look was determined after I did a google search on photos.

I decided I like that “spunky” short clipped red hair look because Rachel is a business professional.

She doesn’t spend any time blow drying her hair, she’s always on the go.

She doesn’t wear much make up unless she wants to doll herself up for a special date or event.

Rachel has a keen sense of humor and she loves to learn new things all the time.

This sounds way too much like me. 🙂

Only better.

A better me, now that’s cool.

It’s like building an avatar of yourself and writing a story about the life you wish you had.

Makes it real, don’t you think?

Now for Rachel, she’s a successful, rich, executive (I’ve always wanted to be one of those)

and she drives fast cars (black Porsche – a car I don’t like because it’s too low to the ground but the speed? Oh yeah give me the pedal to the metal baby – I’d love to be a race car driver, It would have been fun.)

Rachel lives in bright, spacious penthouse suites.

I can give her a maid if I want, instead she has an assistant.

I didn’t give too much detail about the assistant in the story and I probably need to learn how to “develop” my character’s personalities more.

So that is why I’m reading Andrew Clement’s children’s books.

Its big print (easy on the tired eyes) and it’s the MOST detailed I’ve ever seen an author write (so far).

Excuse my sentence structures here I’m having a conversation with you and my brain at the same time, multi tasking!

Rachel is tall around (was 5ft6 changed it to 5 ft 8) 5 ft 8, I forget, which is why it’s a good idea to do a character file in ONE note and have each character on their own page. You want to remember the details of why texture of hair they have, makeup , styles, fashions they wear, nails, footwear, personality, age, likes, dislikes, foods, etc.

that’s what I call being detailed. You create another fictional human being in your mind. When the character becomes real to you, it does the same for your readers.

How am I doing so far?

Would you like to add something here?


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